Over time, the microwave oven is becoming very popular among every man-kind. Nowadays, no one can imagine their kitchen without a microwave oven. Especially the home-makers are very fond of the Microwave oven. With a microwave oven, a one-hour cooking process is done in 15 minutes. A microwave oven can be used for various kinds of work. Once you only can heat your food with the microwave oven. But now a microwave oven can grill, bake, defrost, and even cook. But you should remember that a microwave oven needs regular maintenance. As you do use it regularly it becomes old too early. To make it work properly, maintain it in the right way. Some maintenance tips are mentioned below.

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1) Never put Metal in your Microwave Oven :

For taking care of your microwave oven there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, never put any metal-made utensils in your microwave oven. For microwave ovens, there are particular utensils available in the market. You can use them for safety. As well as you can use utensils made of glass, silicon, microwave-safe plastic. But using metal can affect your microwave oven. The microwaves emitted from the oven reflect metallic materials. For that, the interior of the microwave oven will heat up unevenly. And it can damage the microwave oven too. This all can happen for aluminum as well. So avoid using both of them.

2) Clean it on a regular basis :

Cleaning your microwave oven regularly is the easiest way to make your microwave oven run longer. People use a microwave oven on a regular basis but forget to clean it. That is why food and liquid spatter remain in it. These food spatters can damage the components of the microwave and lead to burn spots as they absorb energy. To clean your microwave oven you can use warm water and mild soap or the specialized microwave oven cleaner. To save the outside of your microwave oven from dirt you can use a microwave oven cover which is easily available in the market or can use an old cloth or a towel. Use whatever you want to use but protect it from dirt to have a better performance. 

3) Notice the door :

After bringing cooked food out of the microwave oven some people forget to shut the door. Or some casually slam the door shut. For these misdeeds, your microwave oven may be affected. There are 3 different switches available in your microwave oven you may not see their work but these switches have to close and open in sequence. So that the microwave oven can know that the door is closed or open. Slamming the door or closing the door too hard can damage those switches. And for damaged switches, your door will not close properly and the entire process of cooking will not start. So make your microwave oven work properly, close and open the door of your microwave oven gently.  

4) Remember weight limitations :

In most cases there are no limitations of weight you can put in your microwave oven as every kind of food and utensils are below this capacity. So you do not need to worry about it always. But sometimes when you are microwaving large dishes or frozen items, it will be better to check their weight to not have any trouble. The weightage capacity of your microwave oven is usually printed on the microwave door. If not then you can search it on the internet or in the manual book. A heavy item can mechanically strain the turntable and its motor, along with the central components such as the magnetron. For all these, the microwave oven can be damaged.

5) Cover your Food :

When you are using your microwave oven try to cover your food properly. When the plate in your microwave oven rotates to heat up your food, it may spatter on the floor of your microwave oven. For this, your microwave oven will be dirty soon. And a dirty microwave oven leads to improper cooking. Besides, some foods can be affected by the microwave emitted from the oven. So to look after your health and the health of your microwave oven cover all types of food items before putting them in your microwave oven.

6) Use perfect Dishware :

For a microwave oven, you can not use every type of dishware. There is microwave-safe dishware available in the market for microwave ovens. Though you can use dishware made of glass, silicon. But using microwave-safe dishware will be perfect for your microwave oven. Using non-microwave-safe dishware can cause fires or explosions. So for your and your family member’s safety and the longevity of your microwave oven do not use any other type of dishware. Look for microwave-safe dishware in the market, you will get it easily.

7) Plug it in an electrical surge protector :

In many areas power fluctuation is a major issue. For power fluctuation, every home appliance can be affected. In this way, your microwave oven can be affected too. So, to give a longer lifespan to your microwave oven connect it with an electrical surge protector. The electrical surge protector protects your microwave oven from power fluctuation. If you do not have any plan to connect your microwave oven with the protector then unplug it when it is not being used. So that it can be protected from fluctuations. And time to time check the electrical cord to make sure that it has not become frayed or cracked.

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