The microwave oven is a very safe and sound product. But you have to use it properly. With improper use and maintenance, it may face some problems. Many people do report that they face burns or any other injuries from the microwave oven. It may happen of their misuse. The microwave oven’s waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation. These help the water molecules of food to vibrate and produce heat. A part inside the oven is called a magnetron where the waves are produced. Most of the injuries related to microwave ovens are caused for hot containers, overheat, exploding liquids. However, to avoid any type of problem follow these guidelines.

# Read the manual book attentively :

The manual book is given to you because of your help. You will get all the information there about the microwave oven. Follow the books to avoid problems. Do not run the microwave oven more than the time limit mentioned in the manual.

# The microwave oven should be cleaned often :

Cleaning the microwave oven is the primary key to make it run longer. To clean your microwave oven use wet tissue. Remember, do not wash the insides of the microwave oven with too much water. Soak the wet tissue in mild soap and clean it. Then wipe the microwave with a clean and dry cloth and leave the lid open for an hour so that the smell of soap can evaporate.

# Do not cover the Microwave oven’s opening :

The microwave oven’s openings are there for proper air and heat circulation. If any type of cover stops the circulation it will hamper the microwave oven. It can overheat and shut down automatically.

# Don’t repair the microwave oven yourself :

If you think your microwave oven is doing a problem then don’t try to fix it by yourself. It is a complex Home appliance. It includes a thermal protector, a magnetron, a high voltage transformer, and many other complicated circuits inside. So, Experts’ help will be needed for this.

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# Don’t use a microwave oven while the pregnancy period :

Basically, a microwave oven is a very safe and sound product. And an easy-to-use product so that anybody can use it. But while the pregnancy period the mother should not use the microwave oven because of its radiation. Especially if it is an old model then the mother definitely not going to use it because it may have a leakage and the radiation from the microwave oven may affect the baby.

# No leakage should be there in the microwave oven :

While using the microwave oven leakage should not occur. Close the door properly before running the machine. If the door is bent or damaged then do not use the machine. If there is no problem with the door still leaking excessive radiation from the microwave oven then there should be little cause for concern. 

# Margarine or other plastic containers should not be used:

For the microwave oven margarine or other plastic containers, plastic trays, foam containers, plastic wraps, should not be used. When the microwave oven will heat up these types of containers may give off chemical fumes which will affect your food. You can use a microwave container to not getting into trouble.