When we plan to have a microwave oven we think it will only reheat our cooked food. But actually, a microwave oven does more than heating food. A microwave oven can be your best cooking friend with its all feature. But you have to find out the best microwave oven for your kitchen which has all the suitable features which suit your kitchen. You should also know about its prices regarding features so that you can go for the one which is budget-friendly for you. Based on their features and prices we have picked up some of the best microwave oven brands for you. We have mentioned the brands below, go through them.

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# Samsung :

Here is a solo microwave oven of Samsung called SAMSUNG 23(L) SOLO MICROWAVE OVEN that is made not only to reheat your food but also for cooking, melting, etc. It has a preprogrammed feature which is very helpful for new users of microwave ovens or new cooks. The Samsung Solo microwave oven has a dedicated mode for chocolates, butter, or sugar. The mirror design and stainless steel of the microwave oven make it stylish. This aesthetic look will match your stylish kitchen too.

# LG :

LG has launched a new convection microwave oven. Its name is LG 28 L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN. This microwave oven is one of the highest user ratings and feedback versions of LG. It has a low electricity consumption than other microwave ovens. It comes with a one-year warranty and a five-year warranty on the convection cooking unit. A twin-turbo cooking facility is included in it that helps to bake and roast easily. You can cook with no usage of oil using this microwave oven. Its compact size makes it easy to keep in the kitchen and look cool.

# IFB :

IFB’s new solo microwave oven is here to get your food the right heating. The name of the model is IFB 17 L SOLO MICROWAVE OVEN. It has an adjustable power control feature. An auto cook function is added to this model which comes with three standard menus that you can control. You can defrost your frozen food with the help of dedicated mode. Its magnetron and cavity come with three years of warranty. This model is perfect for a bachelor or small family. There is no big risk with this model.

# Panasonic :

Here is a new model of Panasonic microwave oven named PANASONIC 27 L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN. for its compact size it needs less space in your kitchen and has countertop installation. It has automatic controls which are touch-enabled and the membrane is very sensitive. For this feature, it will be very easy to clean this microwave oven without the worry of damaging the touch panel. You will get various features with this microwave oven such as different modes of cooking, the efficiency of energy, starter kid, and a defrost mode for cooking meat and fish. And the most important feature of this microwave oven is the dual grill technology. With the help of this feature, you can make many tandoors and kebabs items at your home.

# Godrej :

Now here comes the best model of 2020 named GODREJ 30 L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 by people. This microwave oven is made of stainless steel so that food can not stick on its surface. So there is no chance to get your microwave oven dirty again and again. It has a dual grill capacity by which you can easily prepare any item of meat and fish even restaurant-like tandoor and kebab will be made easily at your home.

# Whirlpool :

Whirlpool has launched a new convection microwave oven. The name of the microwave oven is WHIRLPOOL 30I CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN. This microwave oven is another versatile convection microwave oven that is even pocket-friendly. It has a large spacious cavity, 30I capacity, and also has three cooking modes. In this microwave oven, people can customize cooking time, temperature, and power level for various stages. It comes with an air fryer technology which allows you to enjoy your favorite fried dish without realizing its negative side. You can make delicious and restaurant-like nuns, parathas by using it.

# Morphy Richards :

There is a new microwave oven model from Morphy Richards named MORPHY RICHARDS 30L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN. This microwave oven has come with a very elegant and outstanding design that can make it stand out from other models. Its mirror finish door gives your kitchen a nice look too. It has a stainless steel cavity which helps to reflect the microwave rays faster to provide faster cooking. We will find a multistage cooking feature in it which allows you to program the unit to cook food at different stages. It has an auto-defrost feature that defrosts your food automatically if needed. The most important feature of this microwave oven is the child lock facility. If you are looking for a microwave oven which is good for everything like cooking, baking, grilling then it is the best for you.

# Bajaj :

A new microwave oven of Bajaj has launched. The name of the microwave oven is BAJAJ MTBX 20L MICROWAVE OVEN. It comes with a 20-liter capacity and active automatic controls of knobs and dials. This microwave oven has a 30-minute cooking alarm so you have to remember not to use it longer than hours. You can use it for normal cooking, grilling, reheating, baking, defrosting, etc. One thing you have to notice is the utensils should be of decent quality or they may get burnt. This microwave oven is great for a small family.

# Voltas Beko :

Voltas Beko has launched a new microwave oven named VOLTAS BEKO 28L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN. It has a wide range of cooking menus. You can keep track of your food with the help of its advanced digital display while doing other work in the kitchen. This microwave oven has an active defrost technology that can melt your frozen food without losing its nutritional value.  Its jog dial system and minimal button design make it easy to use for you.

# Amazonbasics :

Here is a new convection microwave oven from Amazonbasics called AMAZONBASICS 30L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN. This microwave oven comes with a preheat technology with the help of you can ready your food before cooking it. This also can defrost different weight’s food with pre-adjusted time settings. A child lock facility is included in it to protect the younger members. This model will be nice for a whole family.                           

We hope these pieces of information will guide you to buy the best microwave oven for your kitchen. We have tried to cover all points to clarify our reasoning. By remembering these points you will be able to buy the new one on your own.