A convection microwave is the best option for baking a delicious cake. It gives your baking a professional touch. If you have the microwave oven with a convection mode then just set its temperature at 180 degrees celsius and bake a tasty cake in some minutes. So, with the convection microwave oven, you can bake a cake in a very smooth way. But if you do not have the microwave oven with convection mode, still want to bake a cake, then do not worry about it as here are some simple tips that can easily help you to bake a cake. Before baking a cake in a normal oven, we need to know the baking process of the oven. As we know the typical microwave oven only has a power level to set, not a temperature level to set. We choose a microwave oven by its wattage So, power levels speak to the measure of wattage that needs to be taken by the microwave oven. A microwave oven generally consumes power from 10% to 100%. In many ways, the power level can be represented. It might be 10%, 20%,  50 %, etc. or, 1, 2, 3, 10, 50, etc. Now know about the process of baking a cake by setting up the power level.

      • You have to know the exact recipe of the cake you are baking 
      • Then you should follow the recipe to prepare the batter.
      • Then transfer the batter to the prepared pans
      • Put the pan into your microwave oven and then set the power level of the microwave oven to 100% of its total power level. 
      • Then press the start button to start the procedure.
      • It will take around 10 minutes to be done. 
      • When the microwave oven signal will ring to notify you about the baking’s completion, embed a toothpick entirely into the cake to check if it is ready or not.
      • If the toothpick comes out of the cake in a clean condition then your cake is totally ready 
      • But if the toothpick comes out from the cake with species of cake then your cake is not ready to serve. 
      • Then again put the unbaked cake into your microwave oven and set it for the next 2 minutes to bake. 
      • Now at last your luscious cake is ready to be served for everyone. 

By following these easy tips a delicious cake will be ready at your home within some minutes despite having a convection microwave oven. And you too can be a professional baker with the help of your normal microwave oven. Just remember to take care of your microwave oven properly. When you are using your microwave oven you may not notice its condition and forget about its cleanliness but when you are done with your cooking, clean your microwave oven properly so that your microwave oven can last longer and can be ready for making another delicious dish.

Apart from this, if you are noticing any type of problem in your microwave oven while baking a cake or reheating a dish, you should not ignore that as it can lead your microwave oven to major damage. Do not try to fix any type of problem regarding your microwave oven on your own thinking a small problem as a microwave oven is a very complex machine. Contact the authentic service provider of Kolkata, the LSS service provider for having any type of service regarding your home appliances. Microwave oven servicing will be very easier with the LSS service provider as they serve you on your doorstep and you do not need to take your microwave oven to any servicing center.