An air conditioner has become a necessary home appliance nowadays. The cause of its availability in most of the houses is it is easy to use and easy to maintain. Now you can get AC at any price range as it is becoming pocket-friendly in budget too. Though it is very easy to maintain nevertheless you have to know some easy maintenance tricks to make it lasts longer. These are the 7 most useful and easy tricks to maintain your AC and give it a good life span which are mentioned below. 
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# Make your AC filters clean :

By cleaning your AC it starts to work better and can last longer. An AC should get cleaned regularly. Especially its filter. The AC filter makes the airflow clean and cold by filtering dust and dirt. So, the AC filters get dirty easily and which can affect the airflow and as well as the AC. To make your AC lasts longer you should take care of the AC filter properly. You should clean your AC filter after 2-3 months. To clean your AC filter you can use warm running water. At first, you remove filters from your AC then clean those filters with warm water. This is the best way to clean your AC filter.

# Connect a stabilizer with your AC :

In some areas, unreliable power supply or power fluctuations do occur. This can affect your AC very badly. With the problem of power fluctuation AC will not run longer. This is a very serious issue which you should be concerned about. But you can prevent this problem with an easy solution. AC stabilizer stabilizes the power consumption of AC. It doesn’t allow AC to consume more or less power than its needs. You will get the perfect temperature after connecting the stabilizer with your AC. And the AC will get a protector too.

# Service your AC regularly :

Cleaning your AC filters is not the only way to look after your AC fully. You have to check more things, such as the evaporator coil which places behind the filters. Dirt can be there also. If you don’t take care of the coil regularly it may cause the leakage of refrigerant gas which is harmful to human beings. And this condition is unhealthy for your AC too. For cleaning the coil you can use the water pressure washer, which is a very reliable gadget for this purpose. Though cleaning these types of parts of AC is not an easy task to do.

# Call a professional to service your AC :

An AC machine is a very complicated appliance. If you are not an expert in this field then do not try to do its servicing on your own. It can mutilate the AC and can occur permanent damage. This action will be risky for you also. An unprofessional move can hurt you anyway. You  may call a technician to service your Air Conditioner. It will be good for your AC. 

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# Clean your AC from outside :

A part of your AC remains exposed to outside units. Many relics can gather there, such as dust, dirt, insect, etc. To maintain your AC properly and make it lasts longer you have to clean it from the outside too. If the exposed part will be full of dirt then it can affect the AC and the airflow. Cleaning this unit is quite easy and simple. Remember to shut the power button of the AC and then with the help of a garden hose clean the specks of dirt. Do it in a delicate way for avoiding damage to the AC machine. Do this one time in a month. It will be best for your AC.

# Keep away other heat-producing appliances from your AC :

The thermostat is a very important part of an AC. It has a huge role to run AC properly. But there is a problem with the thermostat. And the problem is that it can not be placed near another heat-producing appliance like a lamp or a sunny window. For this problem, the AC will not able to cool the room properly. Because the thermostat will start to cool that hot spot except for the whole room. So it will cost more than usual time but you will not experience a comfortable temperature.

# Clean your AC drain properly:

With the above points, you have to notice one more thing. The thing is AC’s drain. You have to check if the drain is in the proper place. The drain line should not be buried into dirt. It can cause some drain line-related issues. You have to clear the drain line regularly. There should be no dirt in the drain line. If dirt accumulates in the AC drain it can be blocked and it may cause a serious AC system efficiency problem. You can clean your AC drain with chlorine bleach and wash it with water. It will make your AC lasts longer. But remember to do this job tactfully for both AC’s and your safety.