Air Conditioner is an important element these days in households. But buying AC only in summer is not necessary, it can be bought in any season, just need to follow the right guidelines. The process of buying a new AC can be quite tough and puzzling as there are multiple brands and multiple types of ACs in the market to consider. On top of that, every company markets some specific AC features in their way, making it harder to understand them and compare them.

So while buying an AC, it becomes essential to pick the right air conditioner (AC) that best suits your needs. Thankfully, nowadays ACs have become a lot more affordable and even more efficient. 

Generally while going to buy ACs, buyers’ main focus must be on some points, like- 1. its cooling capacity, 2. what kind of ambient temperature it’s built for, 3. filtration, 4. the coolant used, and 5. a few of the smarter features that have now become common. But over that, one must also keep an eye on their budget, their needs, and the size of their room; as all of these points will help to choose the suitable one. So before going to a shop, making a list of the things and deciding as per them will give a clear diction what to buy.

There are three types of ACs: 1. Split AC, 2. Window AC, and 3. Portable AC. Each one of these has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should choose according to your needs and priorities. For its smart feature and look Split ACs have taken a good reputation in the market and it has become on the list of liking among the AC buyers.

# Type Of ACs :

Split ACs are the new choice in AC lovers as they give an attractive look to homes, though they are highly maintainable and need service every single year. On the other hand, Window ACs have become little backdated, these acs are quite a box kind and need some fitting issues but give good service for a longer time. So it’s better to choose wisely and as per need; while buying take help from the shops that sell branded ACs in the market. But before that, do research on the branded ACs; compare their features and get an idea over ACs.

# Consider The Tonnage :

While buying AC it is important to keep an eye over the size of the room, as a right ton AC gives the perfect cooling for a room. Take help from the AC selling shops; they are the perfect guide for your room and need.

# Choose Between Inverter & Non-Inverter AC :

There are two types of ACs generally available in the market: inverter and non-inverter. Inverter ACs are usually recognised for its more power-efficiency, but they are also more expensive. On the other hand, the non-inverter ones are cheaper than the Inverter ones. The inverter ones run with full power to make the rooms cool and after reaching the desired temperature it automatically turns off which saves electricity. This power-saving option is not available in non-inverter ACs, they run all the time to make the rooms cool. So better to choose wisely.

# Take a Look At Efficiency and ISEER Rating :

The energy efficiency rating or EER of an Air Conditioner is made by the Bureau Of Energy Efficiency in India. The phrase refers that every AC needs a label that indicates the efficiency on a 5-star scale. The more stars in an AC indicate more efficiency and the more efficiency comes with more value.

# Check The Filters :

Air Filters of an AC are the main medium of purifying the air from outdoor to indoor; so while buying AC it is a must do to check the filters. Generally, Industrialized ACs come with both detachable and replaceable filter modules but that are not present in the household ACs. Though the advanced systems come with ‘bacteria filters’ which help to filter the harmful particles that come with the air. So while buying ACs, this point needs to be checked.

# Heating Method :

Certain ACs can keep the rooms hot in the chilly winter and give a comfortable atmosphere in both summer and winter. It may cost high but become helpful in both seasons.

# Timers Attached :

In the advanced systems of ACs there are timers set that can automatically turn off after making the rooms cool at their comfort level. It will save a lot both  money and energy.

# Additional Features :

Besides the above points some additional features make an AC fully considerable to buy; here are those points described which also need to be checked-

  • Auto-Start Mode- In the power cut mode, if the up and down of power some ACs don’t restart by themselves; so the user needs to look into this matter. While buying, try to choose ACs with an auto-start method which can restart automatically and control the temperature.
  • Dehumidification: While all ACs can control humidity levels while cooling a room, there are some ACs that come with an additional dehumidification feature that reduces humidity in the room. It is a very useful feature for a country like India where humidity is always high, so choose AC as it has the feature.
  • Four-Way Swing: Most ACs come with Four-way swing that can distribute the air both horizontally and vertically which make it easier to adjust the airflow of AC.
  • Other Smart Features: Some premium ACs come with smart features these days, such as Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) connectivity. This feature allows ACs to be connected to your smartphone or online service, which help to control the AC when anyone is not present in the room. The AC can also be controlled by using voice commands via any smartphone or smart speaker’s voice assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri).

So, these are all the important features that you should consider. When you go out (or browse online) to buy a new AC, make sure you choose an AC that suits your needs and fits your budget.