The Air Conditioner is used by many people nowadays. For many years we are using it. People get used to it now. Though there are some misconceptions about AC in people’s minds which are totally wrong. They should be cleared about the AC machine’s workstyle and usage. Or, having misunderstandings about AC one day will hamper it somehow. Here are some common myths about Air conditioners. These misconceptions should be avoided.

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# Air Conditioner cools air :

We know that Air Conditioner decreases the temperature of our room and cools it. We think this is the only thing an AC does. But we actually forget the full form of AC, which is ‘Air Conditioner’. That means our AC conditions air. And this is the most important work of an AC which we simply ignore and forget. The AC removes humidity from the air of our room and this is how it conditions and cools the air.

# You don’t need to ready it for summer :

When winter goes, we start to worry about the hot temperature of summer. But we also feel relieved to think of the Air Conditioner. But we don’t think to check up the AC. We have to ready our AC for summer this important concept we do miss. An AC can not be prepared to work fully by itself. When we don’t use the AC for long such as in winter it may fill with dust or dirt or debris. These things affect your AC and decrease the efficiency of AC. so we must clean our AC and make it ready by summer.

# Lower temperature of AC is the reason for your cold :

Many people think they get cold for their Air Conditioner. There are some myths such as a long time in an AC room is the reason for cold, lower temperature is the reason for cold, etc. but actually, the fact is wrong. We get cold by some viruses not by low temperature. In sunny weather too, we have a cold sometimes just because of viruses. It has no connection with low temperature or AC.

# Bigger AC unit will give you better performance :

People do believe what they see. An old generation thought is big size always performs better. But they don’t want to know about its inner quality. Same for the AC. we focus on the AC size, not on the features. We think a big size AC works better than a small one. But this is a myth. The big size AC and the small size AC works the same if their features are the same. What is inbuilt to the AC matters, not the size. A strong AC can be small in size or an average AC can be big in size. So the size and the power are two irrelevant things.

# At lower temperatures AC will cool your home quickly :

People think that there is a connection between temperature increasing and quickly cooling. For decades this common concept has been running. But actually, this is a totally wrong concept. The AC as works hard to decrease the temperature by 1 degree as does by 20 degrees. So it will take the same time. Just wait for some time and don’t fix its temperature lower than you need.

# AC doesn’t need servicing :

Many people think servicing an Air Conditioner is a waste of time and money. It can not have any problem. But it is false. An AC needs servicing from time to time. An Air Conditioner may have many inner problems that are non-avoidable. Even without training, anyone can not service an AC. Many parts of AC are very delicate. A rough treatment on your AC can damage it. So don’t take a chance and call a technician. 

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# It is okay to not clean the fins and coils of AC:

In our daily life, we forget to maintain our AC.we think it is okay to not clean our Air Conditioner. But we don’t realize that it can hamper our AC machine. For the fins and coils heat pass from the refrigerant into the air. Heat moves by the AC in this way. This is the most important process of an Air Conditioner. But this process can be confined by layers of dust and dirt. For which the efficiency of the Air Conditioner can reduce. To prevent this problem we should clean our AC properly. 

                             These are some myths that we consider as facts mistakenly. We are quite sure that we have been able to remove your misconception. Don’t walk in the wrong direction for your misconception. If still, you have any query about your Air Conditioner you can contact the most trusted home appliances service provider in Kolkata, the LSS service provider.