As we all know, another name of water is life. Without drinking water, no human being can survive more than 3 days. And that is why we are very punctual in drinking water. But in all these thoughts we do not notice the purity of water. This is true that every type of water can save your life but it will not lead to a healthy life. To live a healthy life and to have a perfect immune process you not only drink water but pure water. Drinking impure water on a daily basis affects your health and it can lead you to some chronic disease. Such as chronic colic infection, cholera, diarrhoea, gastrointestinal problems, severe dehydration, etc. Pure and hygienic water has countless benefits attached to life. So, now make a habit of drinking pure water to get rid of numerous health problems and have a healthy life. Now you must know about the benefits you will get from pure water. 

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Check out the following points to have an idea about the benefits of drinking pure water :

      • Builds-up immune system- If you are drinking pure water then it will strengthen the immune system of your body. Water helps to produce lymph in the human body which keeps your immune system healthy. Pure water helps to detoxify your body through urination, all over it increases the immunity power
      • Reduces Fatigue-  Water covers the two-thrid of the human body. So, the energy level is affected by dehydration. And dehydration results in fatigue and lethargy. Pure water helps in maintaining a healthy heart rate and blood pressure level. Our blood is 90 percent water, and our blood is the carrier of oxygen. Pure drinking water sends oxygen to our cells and organs so it helps fight fatigue and reduce it. It also conquers stress hormones and lets your mood be okay.
      • Helps in weight loss- Drinking pure water assists you to lose weight. It helps your body’s metabolism to function properly. Pure drinking water is an obstacle to crave for snacks while It helps in quenching thirst and reducing weight. Drinking pure water does help your body to be toxin-free by letting toxins out of your body through urine. 
      • Glows your skin- Drinking pure and hygienic water helps your skin in many ways. Daily 4 litres of water can reduce sunburn from your skin and also elasticize your skin. By increasing your water intake, you can flush out the toxin from your body and can improve the condition of your skin and health too. Proper hydration levels up the skin to become plump and healthy.
      • Helps in joint lubrication- You can reduce your joint pain or can make your joints damage-free by drinking pure water in a quality quantity. Dehydration can reduce the shock-absorbing quality of joints that can lead to brittle bones. Drinking pure water can reduce inflammation around the joints and stimulate the production of synovial fluid. To grow new cells in the cartilage tissues, pure drinking water is a great option you can take
      • Improves kidney’s condition- It is very well-known that drinking an ample quantity of water improves the conditions of our kidneys. Kidneys are a very important part of our body and it works as a filter of our body. Kidneys maintain the water level in our bodies and regulate blood pressure. Water helps our kidneys to remove wastes from our blood and saves our kidneys from stones. Drinking plenty of water can make function kidneys properly too.

Quantity of taking water on a daily basis:

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research’s Dietary Guidelines for Indians, A normal healthy person needs about 2 litres of water a day. Drinking more than enough water also can be harmful to your body. And here is something to remember that a man’s body needs more water than a woman’s body. You get the 20-30 % of your daily water intake from food. There are some factors on which the quantity of daily water intake depends. Those are

  1. Bodyweight and height 
  2. Age
  3. The activity level of your body on a daily basis
  4. Medical Conditions 
  5. Gender
  6. Sweat level
  7. Environment 

Something More:  So, you have already read that there are many benefits of drinking pure and hygienic water. And now you simply can not pass over the importance of pure water. So this is the time to be concerned about your health and to have healthy food and obviously healthy water. But maybe now a question is arising in your mind, that is, how to recognize pure water since every type of water looks the same. A water purifier is the best option to get pure water. In the market, you will get various types of purifiers with various types of facilities. You can choose anyone from them. Or if you already have one then pure and hygienic water is not a dream for you. But over time, your water purifier will face numerous problems. To get relief from any type of water purifier problem call the LSS service provider. Leenspire Solution service provider is the best service provider company in Kolkata, which gives you service at your doorstep. For servicing the refrigerator, microwave oven, water purifier, or any other home appliances, call the Leenspire Solutionservice provider now!