Microwave oven is one of the most popular cooking appliances that has become the most essential gadget in every house. From fridged food warming to cooking tasty dishes, microwave ovens play a great role. The modern microwave oven can cook with both convection and convection technologies. Hence, you can cook by applying dry or moist heat. So, you can prepare a dish of roasted meat as well.

So, the microwave oven can meet the dreams of the cooking kingdom. However, there are a lot of reasons for which your microwave oven may not work properly. The fan may not work, the light or microwave creating device may be out of work. The rotating glass dish may stop rotating. It is really a great issue. If it happens to your microwave oven, it will now allow your delicious dish to evenly cook. If you face any issue, you can call an expert of Microwave Oven Repair Service from your local areas.  

When it stops spinning, it will be a great hazard to your cooking. There are a few reasons through which you can hunt the reasons of the problems by following some troubleshooting tips. Three are a few reasons for which the plate of the microwave oven may stop rotating. Let’s know them and try to fix them.

Safety Tips

Whenever you have planned to fix the issue, whether you are a non-technician or a technician, you should keep in mind that safety tips should be the prime concern for you. So, you have to turn the power of the switchboard off and pull out the cord from the socket. Faulty board may pass electric current to microwave system.

You have to keep a screwdriver, start driver, tester, Multimeter, brush and all other equipment that you need. Sometimes, the multimeter is used for checking the current flow in the system. The appliance needs to plug and use a Multimeter by keeping the safety measures in mind. You should wear service gloves that may diffuse some dangerous electric shocks.

Now, let’s see the reasons behind the issues of the rotating plate of a microwave cooking oven.

Obstruction in the moving truck

It is very simple for a microwave oven that something as entered in the truck of the roller guide and coupler spin under the plate of your microwave system. If spilling dirt, crumbs or any other obstruction gets into the way to the rotating plate’s gliding way, it may stop moving or rotate with uneven scrambling sound. It may also show you some bumpy stop-start. The tray will not move evenly. The food on the tray will also not be cooked evenly as expected.


Remove the microwave tray from the rotating channel and examine the coupler and the roller of the machine present below the plate. The broken coupler may stop rotating. On the other hand, when your roller is broken, or its wheels are broken, you can see the stray will not rotate. If anything is broken, you will see the remnants in the rotating path of the roller. Bring them out and replace them if the roller is out of order. The food remnants can also get accumulated on the way. You have to clean it safely.


Mildly but thoroughly scrub the microwave where the tray is placed. While cleaning, you have to notice carefully the truck of the roller and the coupler areas. If you see that this area is intact and there is no problem here, you have to find alternative reasons.

Damaged or dirty roller guide

The roller guide is the circular or sometimes triangular rolling instrument that helps to keep the tray up and helps move it to get even heat. If it does not move evenly, you have to put the tray aside and check the roller guide. It might be dirty and strops moving. Sometimes, it gets broken, and it stops moving. A broken arm of the roller guide can put the rotation stopping force.


Remove the microwave oven and observe the system under the plate thoroughly. Then, you can see whether there is any issue with the roller guide.


Clean the dirty areas of the roller guide. If it is broken or damaged, you have to replace it with a new one. It is very simple. You need not call anybody to replace the roller guide.

Damaged tray coupler

The tray coupler may get broken at any time because it works in a very hot accommodation. It is the connector between the rotating motor and the tray. The plate moves being coupled with this coupler. If it is broken or damaged, the tray will not get sufficient force to move the tray.


If you feel that the motor is moving, but the tray is not moving. You can recognize that the coupler is broken. You can buy it from the market telling them the model number of the microwave machine. If you cannot solve the issue, you can call an expert from Microwave Oven Repair Service.


New coupler installation is the solution. However, you have to keep in mind whether the broken pieces are correctly kept out of the rotating channel.

Damaged turntable motor

It is the most important cause for the rotation of the glass tray in the microwave. If the motor does not get the connection or with the wire or the motor is out of order, the glass tray will not move.


Check the roller guide and the coupler at the very beginning. If they are all right, you have to give an eye to the performance of the motor. It may be damaged.


If the motor is out of order, you should not take the risk of removing or replacing it. You should call the experts from the best company near your locality.

These are the probable reasons for stopping the spinning of the glass tray in a microwave oven. If you want Microwave Oven Installation or repairing service experts, you can contact Leenspire Solution Services Provider. It is the best company to respond to your call faster than expected. Their service charge is also reasonable.

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