Even if you keep food in the refrigerator, is it rotting? Or fungi are growing in some foods. These things can happen for many reasons. Such as, If the refrigerator is too old, some problems may occur. In that case, you should call a professional refrigerator service provider and service should be done immediately. But if there is no problem with the refrigerator, still food is getting rotten then there are some rules that should be followed. So that the refrigerator will be in perfect condition for many days. That you need to know. In addition, we often make small mistakes. As a result, the food gets rotten. So keep an eye on that.
    • Wash things like coriander leaves, mint leaves, curry leaves, and then dry them very well. And after that wrap them in tissue papers. Now, these leaves are ready to be kept in the refrigerator.
    • Before storing veggies in your refrigerator, wash all the vegetables well. then dry them and then cut them. After that, store them in a bowl and put the bowl in your refrigerator.
    • The fruit spoils quickly. So do not take it out of the refrigerator again and again. Do as many times as you need.
    • Cooked pulses get rotten faster than other foods. So do not make more than necessary. If made, use it as soon as possible.
    • Do not wrap vegetables in polythene bags and wrap them in newspapers.
      Microwave Maintenance
    • Wash the fish and meat well and keep them in the freezer. Then it will not smell bad. Take as much as you need out of the refrigerator and cook it by melting ice But do not leave it for long after the ice has melted. There is a possibility of spoilage very soon.
    • Cut the upper part of the chilies and wrap them in a newspaper. And then store them in your refrigerator.
    • If you think the banana is rotting, cut it into pieces and put it in the freezer. You can make smoothies with them later. Do not put them without cutting, it will not be able to be used for any preparation. 
    • When you are storing any food in your refrigerator, do not keep the food touching the refrigerator. Keep it a little away from the body of your refrigerator. 
    • If you are storing onions after cutting them then put them in an airtight container. So that the refrigerator does not smell like onions. If you do not do this, all other food that is already stored in the refrigerator will start to smell bad. 
    • When you are using any type of container, utensils, or wrapper, Try to clean them very well. Neet and clean containers will help to keep vegetables, and other stored food in your refrigerator fresh and healthy.

    But if you realize there is a problem with the refrigerator and it can not work properly then do service of it. Nowadays it is well known that everyone is busy with their work life. Now it is very common that in a family, both of husband and wife are service holders or doing business so normally they will be busy and will not have much more time to look after their home appliances. Even though depending on maidservants will not be a good option because they are not as serious as experts. In this situation, the best way to get servicing of your home appliances without tension is to take AMC from a reputed company. Now the question is from where can we take this service? In the market, there are many reputed companies that are ready to provide AMC on a monthly or quarterly basis. But why will you take this maintenance service from Leenspire Solution Services Provider? Let’s have a look.
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