If you are planning to have a microwave oven for your beautiful kitchen then you should be guided by some simple facts. These facts will help you to buy the perfect microwave oven for your kitchen. Do not feel regret after buying the wrong microwave oven for not knowing these easy facts. So, before buying your first microwave oven go through these facts and bring home your cooking friend.

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# Types of a microwave oven :

There are many types of microwave ovens available on the market. Solo Microwave oven is the first one among them. This is the cheaper microwave oven than the rest of the two microwave ovens. You can cook packaged food in it. Like noodles, or some simple recipes like rice, sweets, etc. Then the next is the Grill Microwave oven. A grill microwave oven can cook everything that a solo microwave oven can cook. But as it is named, it can grill any type of meat, fish, and can bake cakes too. And then the last one is the Convection Microwave oven. It has the combined features of a solo microwave oven and a grill microwave oven. But this is the better one also. Because of its heat production. Before buying a microwave oven you have to know these types so well.

# Power consumption of microwave oven :

When you are going to buy a microwave oven you should know that power consumption is the most important feature of a microwave oven. With this feature, you can save your money on electricity bills. The higher the power rating is given to your deceive, the more capable it is to save electricity. A device with higher wattage will cook the food better than the lower wattage microwave oven. A thousand-watt microwave oven is the best for cooking any type of food properly.

# The size of the microwave oven-:

There are various sizes of microwave ovens available in the market. Before buying a new microwave oven you should know which size is better for your family and which size is better for which type of food recipe. The medium size microwave oven which is twenty to thirty liters in size is the most popular and available. Besides, you can choose your microwave oven by the size of your kitchen, and available space so that it can be kept easily and looked good too.

# Child lock facility :

You must look for a microwave oven with a child lock facility if you have a child in your home. The microwave oven is not a thing to play with. But children do not understand that. They have a lot of focus on new home appliances. The child lock feature includes a four-digit lock system to shut down the microwave oven. So that children can not operate it. This feature will protect the child and the microwave oven too.

#Checking about safety:

In the microwave, there is an exhaust fan. It helps to remove the hot air above your stove. For which the microwave oven can work properly when it is being used. But if the exhaust fan stopped working it will hamper the microwave oven. There have some reasons behind the non-working exhaust fan such as it may be clogged by dirt. If this is the reason then clean it softly but if you notice a broken part of it you should replace it immediately.

# The door of the microwave oven is not closing properly :

This is very important to know that if your new microwave oven is safe or not. If yes then you should know what safety measures it has. The auto-timer is a very important thing in a microwave oven. For auto-timer, the microwave oven becomes safer. When you buy a microwave oven it will be mentioned in the warranty paper if it has an auto-timer or not. If you have put something in your microwave oven to cook and forgotten that or you are busy with another work then the auto timer will automatically turn off the function and will save your home from burning. Next what is looked at in the microwave oven is if it is heat-resisting or not. Normally every microwave oven is made of heat resistants. Still, you should check it

# Additional features:

Varieties of new functions are adding with the microwave oven. It is being very helpful for those who are amateur in cooking. Though you should check if your new microwave oven includes these common additional features or not. Such as Preheat, Pre-programmed settings, Automatic defrost, and auto cook function. In this program, you don’t have to set a timer. After selecting the menu the microwave oven will configure it on its own. With these features, you will have tension-free cooking.

                             If you are aware of these factors now then you do not have to worry to bring a new microwave oven to your home. Just do remember these facts and do not forget to ask questions that arise in your mind. And if you have more queries about microwave ovens you can contact the LSS service provider. We will guide you to buy a new microwave oven.