In our daily lives, water purifier has become the necessity. There are many types of water purifiers available in the market. The under-The-Counter water purifier is one of them. UTC water purifiers are placed under your sink or counter for saving a place in your kitchen. It not only purifies water, but it also has more benefits. But if you are planning to have a UTC water purifier then some important factors you must know. Those factors are mentioned below. 

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# Maintenance :

Well-maintenance is highly recommended for any home appliance. But in this case, you do not have to be worried about the maintenance of the UTC water purifier all the time. In a water purifier, the filters are the most important parts. So, only you have to do is maintain it regularly. Or it will affect the ability to purify water. Dirty filters are the reason for impure water. So always remember to clean your filters when it looks dirty.

# Installation :

You may plan to install a water purifier on your own but for installing the Under-The-Counter water purifier you will need a professional. The installation of a UTC water purifier includes many more arrangements. Those arrangements are hard to make without training. You have to arrange a tap with a constant water supply under your sink, an electric socket. Though you will need these arrangements before installing your UTC  water purifier. So before buying the UTC call a trained person to make these arrangements.  

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# Water Supply :

For a water purifier you will need a constant and heavy water flow. As you should not wait for a couple of minutes to drink water because of the slow flow of water. But the UTC water purifier filters provide more pressure than the normal one. So buying a UTC water purifier will be beneficial for this advantage. So you should check this feature of the UTC water purifier.

# Error Alerts :

In a water purifier an error alert is a must-have feature that you should check before buying it. This alarm will let you know about some types of faults occurring in the water purifier. You will get this feature in the Under-The-Counter water purifier. If there is any fault regarding filters or the UV lamp then this alarm will notify you. For this alarm, you will always be provided pure water to drink.

# Faucet Type :

For an Under-The-Counter water purifier a faucet is the most important requirement. Remember to check that the water purifier you buy, has a gooseneck or swivel-shaped faucet. This type of faucet allows the free flow of water. And for that water can not splash around. So it can easily be placed on the sink beside your tap. So, you can easily place the bottle to be filled under the faucet on the sink and can wait till it fills. This will become hazard-free activity. With this type of faucet, you will get a mess-free kitchen.

# Storage Capacity :

When you buy an Under-The-Counter water purifier you should check its storage capacity or you will regret it after. The purifier should contain at least 7-12 liter of water. This is the perfect size for a middle-class family and a middle-class kitchen too.  This size ensures the ready availability of drinking water all the time. This storage capacity will provide you pure and drinking water in the time of electricity shortage. You do not need to wait for the electricity connection to have drinking water if your water purifier is full of water.

Hopefully, you would make a perfect decision about buying an Under-The-Counter water purifier as you have gathered much information from us. Note these points and remember to check them before buying a UTC water purifier.