We don’t give much thought to our refrigerator until it stops working properly. There are people who don’t understand that there is some problem with their fridge.

Over that there are many who are undecided whether to call or take the help of an expert. At times there are thought to sell the refrigerator rather than repairing it. Do you know that a simple refrigerator repair service can save your money in replacement cost?

The good news is that our refrigerator repair service is just a call away. Give us a call and we assure you that any complex issues will be solved by our experts. Many have put their trust and it is now your chance to call us and save your refrigerator from dying.

To give your refrigerator an extended life is totally in your hands. Proper maintenance and timely servicing are the two requisites. Are you ready to accept that you are ignorant about proper maintenance? Then know from our experts how to not make those costly mistakes.

Understand that there are some basic components and what are their function to have a better knowledge of how   a refrigerator works-

Compressor– it pumps the gas to other components of a refrigerator.

Evaporator-it absorbs the heat and transfers it to the condenser.

Condenser-This is where heat form the evaporator mixes with the heat from the compressed gas and converts from gas to liquid.

Filter- it helps in capturing dirt and other particles from the refrigerator.

Accumulator- it stores the refrigerant to prevent the evaporator from running out.

These are some areas where you need to pay special attention. Remember there are times when you can try your hands but it is advisable to call our expert to attend and examine these problems and kill it in the bud.

Symptoms that should call your attention that an expert hand is now needed to save your refrigerator from dying. Some of them are listed below for you to know.

The food in your refrigerator is getting stale or spoiled very quickly. Besides there is always a foul smell originating whenever you open the door of your refrigerator. You can check the temperature settings but if the problems still persists, it is high time to call an expert to solve the problem.

Your freezer is getting cold than the normal range and you notice there is huge built up of ice blogs around the deep freezer inside. There may be an opening or a loose door issue which is allowing air to enter your fridge and thus creating the problem. So just call us and we sort out the problem limiting more damage to your refrigerator.  In case you see there are huge blogs of ice buildup just switch off the fridge for some time to allow the ice blogs to melt. Don’t try to break the ice as it may cause damage to your refrigerator.

The sound of the motor is another point where you have to put your focus. In case you hear sound coming from the motor is more than usual or vice versa you hear very little sound coming then there is a definite problem. Call our expert who can identify why the motor is malfunctioning and suggest remedial steps.

Suddenly you realize that there is an excess of electricity bill coming. Now you have to be alert. There may be some components or parts which are not working properly and that is contributing to the excess electric bill. Get your refrigerator checked even if you do not notice anything unusual.

To get any type of refrigerator repair service you can just give us a call and book an appointment or contact our representatives for a discussion free of cost. There are tons of service providers at your hand. 

But to give your refrigerator the much needed life you have to contact our representatives who have been working in this field for so many years and have complete knowledge about all complex issues..

When you get in touch with us our team of experts will visit your place and have a thorough inspection and then will give you in detail what to be done. Also you will get to know in advance what will be your repair cost. 

So there is no reason to be worry. Also, the cost of repair would be limited as far as possible. Our expert will see that you don’t need to spend extra than needed. Our reputation today is all because of our sincere and committed professional service.

Our clients/customers are our God and we always worship them with folded hands by offering our specialist service through our team of experts. So have your trust on us and give us the opportunity to serve you. It will be a lifetime experience for you. 

So why are you procrastinating? Give us a call and save your refrigerator from dying.