The summer season has arrived, and it’s time for the air conditioners to do the magic that they do every year. Air conditioners are nowadays becoming the most common way to get relief from the heat. From middle class to upper-class everybody is buying AC to get off this scorching sun. But there are certain problems that every AC user has to face, if you can know the exact problem you can easily get the solution and your AC will give you longer service.

Like all electric appliances, air conditioners also need a regular check-up. Some smart gadgets like smart AC controllers keep you updated with maintenance issues but keeping a check from your side is also important. This helps you catch any potential problems beforehand so that they do not turn into a costly repair down the road. You can also take the help of AC Repair Services as soon as possible in these cases.

No matter what problems develop with your air conditioner, it’s important to deal with the issue quickly and effectively. While you may not be able to troubleshoot your air conditioner issue on your own, there are a couple of helpful tips that can help you narrow down the problem.

# Condenser does not Work Properly :

The outdoor condenser does a lot of work to keep the indoor cool and relaxing. The outdoor part of your cooling equipment should be free of mulch or weeds. Also make the sitting flat, level, and higher than the ground around it so water does not pool in the bottom when it rains. Consult with an AC servicing company while placing an AC at the house. If the problems persist, you may have an issue with a faulty motor or a bad compressor. After confirming the issue doesn’t have to do with the thermostat or power source, contact a professional to investigate further.

# Blowing Warm Air :

If the AC is not cooling the environment properly it might cause many reasons. Might be a problem in connection or in the coil; however it is better to check properly and call the service guy.

# AC Automatically Turning On & Off Repeatedly :

It must be an issue from the electric connection that needs to be checked as soon as possible. Continuous on and off can harm the regularity of AC and cause damage in the cooling system.

# Insufficient Airflow :

If your appliance is not blowing proper airflow, it is a common sign that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently or there may be a blockage that is stopping the normal airflow. The reason can be anything like a clogged air filter, a broken motor, or something even more serious may be to blame. If this problem happens often, take a look at the air-flowing capacity and immediately call a service person to look into the matter.

# Water Leakage (Inside & Outside of House) :

If you see water leaking from your air conditioner’s indoor or outdoor unit, then the maintenance is overdue! The reason for water leaks might happen from the condensate drain of the system which gets clogged up due to algae or fungi. It sends the water back up the pipe and into your home or may the pipe be broken and need to be repaired. In case of outdoor leakage, the problems are many so it’s better to call an AC Servicing Person.

# AC Refrigerant Leakage :

AC Refrigerant is responsible to keep the air cool and gives you total comfort. If you are feeling that the AC is not cooling the air properly, it might be the leakage problem in the Refrigerant, calling a Servicing Person is the best option.

# AC Making Sounds :

Making normal low humming sound is normal for every Air Condition system,but if the sound differs from it like a banging sound it may be caused by the blades of the fan.If the AC makes a screaming sound it is a serious issue and needs to be repaired soon.

# Strange Smells Flowing :

Dirty air filters leave the bad odour in the AC and it needs to be cleaned fast. You can easily clean the AC by the guide of the service person. Cleaning the coil is the easy solution.

# Frequent Cycles :

Every air conditioner should go through relatively routine cooling cycles in every weather. As it will maintain the right temperature and airflow as per the seasons. If frequent cooling cycles happen, a servicing person must be contacted to take charge of the matter.

# High Electricity Bill :

High electricity bills are the most usual problem every user faces, it can be due to high power consumption. Keeping doors or windows open while Ac is running can cause high power consumption. The best and simple way is to close the doors and windows properly while running an AC. But if this problem continues it might be some inner problem, showing service people is a must work.

# Needs Frequent Repairing :

If your air conditioning system needs a frequent visit to service personnel, it may be the time to replace the old machine and buy a new one. Frequent repairing is a sign of old and damaged parts.

Remember, if you treat your air conditioner well, it’ll last that much longer. In addition to the tips listed above, use ceiling fans and programmable thermostats to reduce the load on your AC, and turn it off on cooler days. Let Service Champions give your system the help it needs and contact them whenever any issue comes up. Take a look over the above alarming signs and take action against the reasons; ignoring them may cause severe problems in future. budget.