The microwave oven is one of the most important appliances at home. Some offices also keep one or more microwave ovens for their employees for making their food hot. But, over time it gets out of work for so many reasons. When the food is not getting hot or getting uneven temperature while desiring for making or warming food. Then, you have to call the best experts in your locality from the top microwave oven repair service.  

What are the most common issues with a microwave oven?

The users of microwave ovens may see some of the issues that may hackle in time of using the device. Here are some of the issues you will see on your device.

  1. Microwave is not generating heat
  2. The microwave runs and suddenly stops
  3. Microwave operating buttons do not work
  4. The microwave plate does not spin
  5. Microwave light-bulb does work in time of oven operation
  6. Sparking inside microwave
  7. Food is burning, and the spinning of the tray is not stopping
  8. The oven is not getting power at any cost

These are some of the issues that you may face in a microwave oven. What will you do when you face such a problem with your microwave cooking machine? Here are some tips that you may follow to solve the issues you are facing. You also have to follow some safety tips to avoid unexpected dangers of handling the faulty device.

Turn off the switch and unplug

At the very beginning of finding faults of the microwave device, you have to turn off the power points and then unplug the cord to ensure that there is no live electricity in it. You can now easily unscrew the microwave. If you are a novice or planning to DIY job, you can follow these steps. It is better to hire professional experts for the job.

Open the back cover

Only three to four screws are available on its backside. Unscrew it to open the back over to reach its internal parts. Now, you can reach easily the place where you want to repair it.

Check the fuse

At the very beginning of testing a dead microwave is to check the fuse connected to the mains line. Usually, it is placed inside the cabinet of the microwave oven. Some microwaves of modern times place it on their backside. However, for the design aspect, it is not placed there.

Discharge the capacitor

When the device is connected to the electric line, it may consume some electricity in its capacitor. Capacitors consume high voltage with little ampere. So, there is a possibility to get an electric shock with it. If it occurs, it may cause a severe bruise to the spots of your body where you have touched. So, be careful to discharge the capacitor.

The capacitor is like a miniature drum with two or three points to one side. To discharge it, a screwdriver is enough. You need to connect the two points to get their discharge. It will create a bursting sound with a spark. But, don’t worry. It will not harm anything.

INSPECT the switches of the door/ latch switch

The microwave oven never starts until the door closes firmly. There are switches linked with the door. The algorithm of the door is placed likewise. If you find that the door switches are not working properly or they are inactive, you need to replace them.

Repair the push switches for possible

You can open the latch or door switches easily if you have a little knowledge of its technology. If you see that the switches are easily repairable, you can go for it.

Replace the switches if faulty and irreparable

IF the latch switch is faulty and irreparable, you need to replace it with the original brand. The original brand spares are always good for any gadget. It is true for the microwave as well. Original spares are good for the overall performance and longevity of any gadget, including the microwave oven. Hence, It is better to find a company-certified microwave repairing expert to get the best service on your budget.

Consider the symptoms of microwave oven

  • The oven does not generate heat

If the microwave does not generate heat, you have to check the power cable, disputes of wires, and the lines of the mains. The faulty thermostat may also create the issue. The fuse may be out of work. The latch switch might be faulty. Check them in detail.

  • The plate does not spin

It might be the faults of the main operating board or the issue of the motor. Check it and troubleshoot the issue.

  • The light inside the oven is stopped

It might be the cause of the main operating board or the lights being fused. The connecting wire may also be faulty. Check-in detail and troubleshoot it.

In this piece of writing, you have learned the safe way to open the microwave before repairing it and some repair tips. Contact Microwave Oven Installation and repairing experts to get all the microwave oven related issues solved. You can contact Leenspire Solutions Services Provider to get the best service ever.