Summers in India can be harsh. The heat makes you sweaty and uncomfortable and an air conditioner is a necessity under these conditions. The only time of the year when air conditioners are mostly used is during summer, and the air conditioner must be in the best possible condition. 

In today’s era, Window/split air conditioners have become a necessity in every household. But it must be maintained properly and serviced regularly, else it can start showing signs of failure. Hence, some common split system air conditioner problems are listed below and ways to deal with them to sort this issue for you.

# Leakage problems in Split AC :

Leakages are one of the most common problems into split Air Conditioners. The refrigerant is the main contributor and reason for making the air cool. When the cooling system does not work well,  it can be a problem with the refrigerant. Humidity and other corrosion create compounds in the atmosphere which makes the copper pipes in the refrigerant weak and create leakage holes. Repairing these leakages is very important within the supervision of a technician. Keep an eye over repair technician as he doesn’t overcharge or under-charge refrigerant as it can damage the AC.

# Cooling problem :

When a Split air conditioner takes longer time to cool the room, it may be the reason of a dirty air filter or a blocked condensate drain. Air filters prevents dust to go in the AC. Cleaning an air filter in a Window AC is easier but for split AC, calling a professional is a better idea. Air filters get chocked by the debris and dust pulled into the ducts andthe filters need to be cleaned frequently to keep cooling process intact. Always do servicing the air conditioner twice a year for better performance and to avoid any problem during summers. Lack of cooling could be ice formation around the coils or a dirty outdoor compressor, these things must be handled by professionals.

# Fault In Compressor :

When the compressor stops working, it is a sign of defect. A good technician can only handle this matter professionally and can do the change in compressor. A compressor keeps flowing  gas flow between the evaporator and the condenser. If cool air stops blowing, it must be the fault in indicator or compressor fault that need to be checked and repaired immediately.

# AC Keeps Turning On & Off Constantly :

When an air conditioner keeps turning on and off, it must be send for servicing. This may be caused for a chocked dirty air filter that restricts airflow and causes more problems, and may damage the coil. Especially, before and after summe dochange the air filter for better cooling and overall performance. Regular maintenance is important for an ac to keep it functioning efficiently.

# Smell Comes Out While Switching on the AC :

Sometimes while swtiching on the split AC, it emits unbearable odors. It may happen for the the blockage in the drainpipe by the clogged dust and debris inside the drain pipe and drainage tray, water may get chocked and slowly start smelling bad. Try to resolve the soon as it will damage the drainage system and the whole machine.

# When the AC fan Stops Working :

If the fan of the split air conditioner stops working, it need to keep switched off or make circuit breaker tripped inside the system. Then contact the service person immediately  to repair the fan problem.

# Noise From Indoor Unit :

If the indoor unit of the split AC starts making too much noise while running it may be a problem in the indoor unit. With usage, the fan gets imbalanced, a technician can pnly handle the issue. Sometimes, the noise can cause due to the accumulation of dust and dirt on the fan that makes vibration in the fan. Immediate checking by a service person is mandatory.

A split system air conditioner unit has numerous parts which works together to run an ac. The appliance needs regular maintenance and service to increase its longevity and a smooth functioning of the system. Always trust on the trained, trusted, and qualified specialists to take care of the issues related to your split AC.