As we know in modern-days we are facing all types of pollution, because our nature is being polluted slowly. Contaminated bad water is a major problem, and because of this, we have various stomach and health issues. So installing a water purifier at home has become a necessity to prevent our health issues. But whenever we go to the market to buy a water purifier we get confused. There are various types of purifiers in the market. The RO-purifier is a majorly used water purifier in India. If we take good care and proper maintenance to our purifier it can last for 8-10 years. So here are some quick and easy processes to maintain your water purifier. Cleaning and Sanitization – Your water purifier must be cleaned regularly. The cleanliness of your purifier takes care of your health as well as the purifier. If you didn’t care about cleaning it may cause damage to your purifier filter. Besides cleaning you also need to sanitize it would be good for you and your family. Every water purifier has a user manual, so if you want to do it by yourself go ahead. But if you lost the manual or you wouldn’t want any risks then contact professional service Change filter regular wise –If you do not regularly change the filter of your purifier it may affect the taste of water. It is also harmful to your health. As the contaminants from water begin to clog the filters, they need to clean properly. If you don’t change your filter once a year it can transfer the bad particles to drinking water. RO membrane change – It is the most important part of any RO water purifier. It eliminates lead, arsenic, nitrates, nitrites, radium, selenium, chromium, and TDS(Total Dissolved Solids), and many dangerous particles from your water. And makes them worth drinking. For enhanced purifier performance, it should be changed once a year. Carbon filter change – Every purifier has a carbon filter water from the sediment filter is passed through the carbon filter. Its main function is to remove chlorine and other particles from water. This carbon filter also needs to be changed once a year. If you don’t want to change it, it can change the taste of water and also can increase the hardness of the water. Don’t ignore drips and leakages – Getting your water purifier serviced regularly by technicians ensures that it gives the best purification at all times. As part of the in-house maintenance of your water purifier, you should drain out water that has been in the tank for more than 48 hours. Because it’s becomes unfit for drinking.
 You noticed a leak in your water purifier, don’t neglect it at any cost. Get in touch with a service center and schedule a maintenance check-up. And don’t be sure until the leak is sealed or taken care of. Sediment filter change –  A sediment filter acts as a sieve, which eliminates the poison and many bad particles, impurities from the water. This filter works by adding multiple s filters together to remove those impurities. And RO water purifiers need to change this filter every year. Even if you see that your water purifiers’ water flow becomes slower and the watercolor has changed, it becomes light-dark. Then you must change your sediment filter immediately. Maintaining this filter helps to reduce sediment and dissolves bad particles and protects the RO membranes from dirt. Change of this filter can improve your purifier’s longevity. Preventive maintenance – Every machine needs to be maintained and handled carefully. Not only machines but also everything needs to be maintained for their longevity. Always clear your purifier tank, change the filter’s circulatory once a year. You also need to clean your purifier’s external and outer sides. Cleaning the purifier tube and change of filters, and good care for moving filter impurities, testing the hardness of water ensuring it functions smoothly and enhancing the purifier age and work.

By maintaining and taking good care of your purifier enhance the purifier’s reverse osmosis function properly and can prevent the sudden equipment breakdown, it helps to maintain it regularly. This also helps to enhance the life of the RO unit. You can ensure the optimal performance of your RO system by the following processFor getting the a-class servicing LSS service provider. It is the most well-known service provider in Kolkata. If there is any type of problem regarding the home appliances LSS service provider is here to serve you the best at an affordable price. Have tension-free servicing with the LSS service provider.