Microwave oven installations can save the time of your cooking. Besides, you can pre-process the cooking element, so that you can save time on it. A modern microwave oven can cook both convention and convection cooking, or both at a time. Therefore, you can do almost anything with it. This cooking appliance gives you dry-heat cooking and wet-heat cooking or both at a time. Grilling, poaching, or critical cooking come to you being an easy recipe.

But, people fall in great distress when these cooking appliances get out of order after the warranty is expired. The best Microwave Oven Repair Service in your locality can give you the best solution for your concern. Besides, regular maintenance service can reduce the frequency of repairing and sudden shutdown of the system while it is at work. Basically, the commercial kitchen or the restaurants, café or bar faces a great issue if it gets out of work while it is in use. Today, you will get information about the microwave oven installation process and some of its tricks.

Let’s see the microwave oven installations in short

Mounting a microwave on a shelf or under a cabinet can save a lot of counter space. Hence, you should follow the instructions to reduce the installation space and easy access to it. Microwave oven is not limited to only microwave cooking. It is now improvised to combi oven technology. Hence, you have to install it perfectly so that you can need your everyday cooking job perfectly.

Under-Cabinet Microwave Installation Process

Buy the right microwave

A front venting microwave can easily be installed without much effort beneath the counter. Other microwave systems have more advanced technologies and ventilation systems. While installing those ones, you have to be aware of the recirculation of the models before starting the installations.

Other types of microwave ovens may take more concentration and technique for their ventilation hood. A new ventilation system always requires the attention of the installers.

Locate the wall rivet/stud points

  • At first, you have to hit the wall lightly on the plaster of the wall to find the stud point. You will get a solid “Thunk” sound instead of a hollow sound. If you get it, you have received a wall stud point.
  • You can search with the electromagnetic stud finding device to search for the nails on the studs.
  • If you are not sure the stud points, run a drill to find the stud. You can use these uncertain drilling points for another purpose, like the wall coat hanger points and so on.
  • Determine the stud area, which is around 16 to 24 inches.
  • Draw a vertical line as soon as you get the stud point.

Place the Mounting Plate

  • It is a plate that must be placed in such a way that the base plate must be on a parallel level so that the microwave oven stands on the base perfectly.
  • If your microwave oven company gives a wall diagram template, attach it on the wall instead of making a manual diagram on the wall to mount it on the wall.
  • You can utilize a Level to ensure that you have not installed the microwave oven at a slant.
  • Remove all the trilling from the cabinet so that you can mount the microwave oven correctly on the wall.
  • If the cabinet has an overhang, you should install it under the back of the cabinet so that the overhang does not block access to the microwave.
  • If the microwave system needs access to the base of the cabinet, you need to saw off the overhang.

Locate and drill the correct attachment holes

  • Set the plate on the wall base and mark two at least two holes with the marker. These holes are for screws for setting the base of the microwave oven.
  • Drill two or more holes on the wall to set screws and for setting the microwave oven cabinet on the wall.
  • Drill a hole of a 2-inch hole (4-5 cm) for the power cord. If you have a template/diagram plate, set it on the wall to determine the location where you have to create a hole. If you do not have it, you have to measure the place and make a hole for the power cord.
  • If the electrical outlet is available in reach of the power cord, you should set the cord there. If there is no power outlet nearby, you have to call your electrician to install a switchboard for attaching the power cord. But, you should remember that you should not use an extension cord. It cannot provide you with the perfect ampere/power to run the microwave.

Set microwave oven at its place

  • Before setting the microwave oven at the cabinet, you have to bring out all the internal loose things. (The glass plate, wheel ring, etc.).
  • Then, set it in its place prepared for in the cabinet
  • Reinstall the loose items of the oven in it.
  • Connect the power cord, and turn the twitch on
  • Try to run it for a few minutes to check whether everything is all right.
  • You can use a dedicated MCB or RCCB for avoiding electrical dangers.

Thus, the Microwave Oven Installation is complete. If you want to install a micro oven in your cabinet, you can contact the best company near you.