Nowadays, men are very busy to do their daily activities like home maintenance, taking care of their children, food processing and especially their professional activities. Though they try to manage all the things to their best, most of the time, they cannot cope up with it according to their mind satisfaction. To cope up with the time, they come to use a microwave during food processing. It is very sad to know that most of the time, users have to face accidents due to misuse  of the microwave oven.  So, before you take a step to use a microwave oven, you should come to  know the  process of using it correctly. Just take  a look at the details below. Correctly plug in and put the time – After going through the manual, you should give importance to the system of ‘plug in’ & the’ time setting’. You should remember that you cannot plug in several devices together. The ‘several devices plug in’ at a time may make you fall in danger. Just make sure about heating or cooking activity and come to set the time in the microwave oven. Regarding time setting, you can turn the knob or press the button. It is good to know that most of the companies come to manufacture microwaves with a system of different temperatures according to cooking items. Go through the manual – When you bring a microwave to your home, the first thing you need to do is go through the manual given with the microwave oven. ..While going through the manual, you should be more careful of the safety instructions. Generally, the user manual will make you know several things that keep you safe from any accident caused by a microwave oven. Use the correct microwave Utensil – Now, you need to select the microwave utensil according to the food items. In that case, you should buy 100 percent microwave safe utensils that cannot damage your microwave. Among the safest utensils,  you should select one out of plastic containers, borosilicate made containers and others. Learn about the usages of microwave – Most of the people come to know that the use of a microwave is only heating for foods. But it is not true as it gives you benefits a lot. Generally, a microwave provides you benefits like grilling, baking and cooking. Some microwaves come with a feature of convection mode that is a very useful feature. Some specializations from Microwave Oven – Not only Microwave Oven gives you services regarding cooking, boiling or backing but it brings you some unbelievable services. You will have a great advantage like that of a fruit juicer.  The thing is that your microwave oven provides you service to make juice of lemon or orange .  Even you come to make your beauty products heated for comfortable usage. Cleaning process of microwave – A microwave can give you benefits for a long time without any hassle if you do its maintenance properly. For proper maintenance, regularly, you must clean it from its outside and inside. You should come to clean its tray through washing of trays after removing. The best cleaning from your side is to keep some water in your microwave and heat the water for sometime. By the process, you can easily remove the stains and other particles from inside.

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