Refrigerators are very useful home appliances since it keeps food fresh and healthy. In India, the household food wastage estimation is 50 kg per capita per year, or 68,760,163 tonnes a year. But using your refrigerator properly can reduce the percentage of wasting food. You also can get chilled water in summer from the refrigerator. But for getting all of these facilities from the refrigerator you have to maintain it first properly. A neglected refrigerator can cause of getting unhealthy food or lead your refrigerator to long-term damage. An organized refrigerator can save your time and money in many ways such as you do not need to spend money for buying extra food after throwing away rotten food and your refrigerator will not need any servicing. You too can store food in your refrigerator and get rid of everyday cooking, this is how your time will save too. Know how to organize your refrigerator in a professional way. Go through the following rules and have a clean and beautiful refrigerator.

Divide and Conquer the refrigerator- To organize your refrigerator properly at first you should divide every shelf with proper food or a type of food. Such as You can store all the remaining food on a single shelf, or you can use another shelf for materials of tomorrow’s recipe. Or you can totally declare a shelf to a particular person in your family. In that way, every belonging of that person will be stored on that mentioned shelf. This is how there will be no difficulty in finding items in your refrigerator. And you will get the necessary item very quickly.

Give a check on temperature- Always make sure that the temperature of your refrigerator does not cross 40 degrees. There is no problem if it is lower than that but there will be a problem if it will be higher than that. Do try to avoid overfilling your refrigerator as this condition is definitely not appropriate for it. This condition can hamper the airflow and disrupt temperature control. Keep temperature about two-thirds full for optimal airflow and to provide ample space to see what’s inside. This is how you can save your refrigerator from early damage.

Clean it often- Each and every product can have a better lifespan with proper cleaning. Maximum of home appliances start to behave in a problematic way due not to clean them properly. Make time in your daily routine and look after items in your refrigerator. And then clean the interior of your refrigerator. Check all the food stored in the refrigerator and decide which is needed and which is not. Not-required food should be kept away from the refrigerator to keep it clean and healthy. This is how you can make more space for upcoming food and containers. And your refrigerator’s condition will be better too.

Do separate vegetables and fruits- Every stored fruit and vegetable should be separated from the other one. Mixing fruits and vegetables is not a good idea because not every fruit and vegetable has the same lifespan. Some spoil faster and some take time to spoil. But for being on the same shelf with the spoiled one, the good one will be spoiled too early. Some refrigerators have dual crisper drawers, one with low humidity and another with high humidity, which is a perfect guide for how to organize your fridge. Keep all vegetables in the high humidity drawer and ripe fruits in your low humidity drawer. Do not worry if you have only one compartment, keep items that wilt in the drawer and place fruit in a colander or other container elsewhere in the fridge. This is how you can save your vegetables and fruits from being spoiled. And can save your refrigerator from stinking.

Ready-to-eat food should be kept in the front row- This is stated in human psychology that the food we see first, our mind wants to eat that. So based on this logic we should keep ready-to-eat food in the front row of the refrigerator. Following this process, no food will be wasted as you will keep rotating the food placements. And your refrigerator will be organized too as no food will be cornered and unseen.

Use storage container- For organizing your refrigerator, using containers is a very useful idea that you can apply. Do store remaining food, cutting vegetables, in the container. So later you will find what you want to very quickly and the refrigerator will not be overstuffed. Glass bowls or plastic containers with lids are tidier, sturdier alternatives to plastic- or foil-covered plates. Also, you can tape a note on the container such as when to eat or who will eat. 

Don’t store heavy items in the refrigerator door-  The refrigerator’s door is the warmest part of the refrigerator. Try not to put heavy items in the door portion as it can hamper the refrigerator and will be looked unorganized. Even though many refrigerator doors have designated compartments for milk and eggs, ignore them when you are deciding how to organize your refrigerator. Instead, you can store those items on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. This is how the refrigerator will look more organized.

Store perishable items on the bottom shelf- When it is time to store perishable items, store them on the bottom shelf. As the bottom shelf is the coolest part of the refrigerator. So all the raw meat, seafood, fish, poultry should be kept on the bottom shelf. From this, you can avoid cross-contamination of prepared foods. And to prevent bacteria growth, wipe up spills as soon as possible. And again you will succeed to let your refrigerator not stunk.

Follow these very easy steps to get an organized, tip-top refrigerator. An organized refrigerator will make your mood awesome and the pre-cooking process is very easy. And your refrigerator will be more efficient as well. But besides if you notice any other problem regarding your refrigerator then do not overlook that problem. Omitting the problems will lead your refrigerator to a big problem. Do take care of every little problem and think of the refrigerator servicing. For getting the a-class servicing LSS service provider. It is the most well-known service provider in Kolkata. If there is any type of problem regarding the home appliances LSS service provider is here to serve you the best at an affordable price. Have tension-free servicing with the LSS service provider.