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About us

 Leenspire Solution Services Provider is one of the best Hope appliance service provider in Kolkata. Leenspire Solution also offers services like interior designing of offices and houses. A place where you can also find all your queries and solutions pertaining to home appliances. Leenspire Solution Services Provider welcomes you to our website and we are happy to help you.

Why Should You Choose Us ?

You should choose us! And there’s a reason why you should listen to us or not. Our company and our products/services slowly gain trust, we ask and answer those questions you ask yourself before you accept any products or services. Our faith did not change overnight; It all started 15 years ago when we set up our company. From that day on our services, our products, great customer service experience, our company began to earn and win everyone’s trust. Some of us may not even be able to answer ‘why?’, but we’ve come up with answers to your questions, solutions to problems that you really want.

Why We exceptional than Other Service Providers?

  • We follow 100% COVID-19 hygienic protocol at home service.
  • Our all Staffs are double dose vaccinated
  • Rapid Service at your DOOR STEEP.
  • We have Certified Technicians.
  • Guarantee of Maximum Service at Affordable Price.
  • we give Service warranty.
  • Special discount on each service.

What Is Your Demand?

We have solutions to your queries. Now you are on our website for what you need and we are writing this article. Leenspire Solution Services Provider is a premier and experienced repair, maintenance, and installation service provider in Kolkata. Now you know us and we have solutions to your problems. Register your address with your phone number, and get a 10% discount on service charges for the first time.

Types Of AC Services & Charges:

Check Below to find all services, AC services repairs we have.

Service Types Service Charges
Gas Charging  RS. 2230
Split AC Installation RS. 1299
Split AC Uninstallation RS. 799
Split AC Servicing  RS. 649
Window AC Installation   RS. 799
Window AC un Installation     RS. 599
Window AC Servicing     RS. 549
Water Leakage Repair  RS. 650

(Note: Charges may vary as per your area and requirements of services.)

For getting the a-class servicing Leenspire Solution service provider. It is the most well-known service provider in Kolkata. If there is any type of problem regarding the home appliances Leenspire Solution Service Provider is here to serve you the best at an affordable price. Have tension-free servicing with the Leenspire Solution Services Provider.