If you have Air Conditioner machines at home or in the workplace, you are well aware of the malfunction of them for the lack of the cooling gas used in the compressing device. When the AC is not giving you the expected cooling performance, your AC repairing expert will check the entire details and may suggest you fill gas in the compressor of the AC. Gas filling in the AC compressor machine is not an easy task. The experts have to follow some step-by-step gas filling strategies so that the gas does not cause any harm to the experts of AC repair service.

Before going to the gas filling process, you should have some information about the gas used in the AC machine. By the way, this gas is also used in the refrigerator system.

What is the AC Coolant Gas?

CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) was highly used as the AC coolant gas. The use started in 1890, but the use of the gas was restricted for various safety reasons. Primarily, it is a highly inflammable gas that can cause severe ignition to your residence if unnoticed. The secondary reason is that this gas is highly dangerous for the environment. It makes great holes in the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

A team of General Motors inaugurated gas which was the best alternative to the CFC gas, which is nontoxic, Freon. In 1930, Freon has been produced to use in the refrigerator and AC cooling units. The chemical compound of the gas is HCFC (hydro-chlorofluorocarbon).

It is also known as R-22. This colourless gas is now safely used in AC units and all refrigerating devices. However, this gas is not fully harmless to the ozone layer. While manufacturing this gas, it will release HFC-23 which is responsible to contribute to global warming.

Types of AC gases

You must know that all refrigerant is not the same, and Freon is not the only AC gas refilling element today. Another gas used for AC and refrigerators is Puron. However, Puron is the brand name, and the chemical code is R410A. It is used today as most of the reputed refrigerators and AC units. It has become the new standard for AC/ refrigerator gas filling in the U.S. it is an HFC (hydro-fluorocarbon) that does not harm the ozone layer.

Preparing for AC Gas Filling:

Check the AC

You have to clean the AC all around so that it comes to the full working condition and it becomes to refill the gas easily. On the other hand, you have to check whether the coils are in working condition. The blower fan should also be cleaned and brought back to its full working condition.

Check the leaks in the coolant system

If there is any leak in the coolant coils or the compressor machine, refilling of gas will make no sense. It will be abolished in a few days. Therefore, it is vital to check the entire coolant system whether there is any leak in the pipelines carrying the gas. If there is any insulation point, check there. Insulating points also releases gas beyond your eyes.

Read and take notes of the gauge

You have to keep the track of the temperature gauge. Take note of the temperature recorded before you process the gas filling and after the refill.

Know the types of refrigerant used

Now refrigerants are many, and various companies use various refrigerants. So, it is mandatory to get information about the refrigerant a company uses. If you use that refrigerant, the AC will work for a long time.

Equipment Required for AC gas filling

  • Vacuum pump having at least 1 horsepower, and not more than 4 horsepower
  • AC gas filling gauge set
  • Refrigerant (Freon/Puron)
  • And last but not the least- your patience

Steps to follow for AC gas refilling

  • When you call the best AC repair service from your locality, they will follow some steps. They are mentioned here.
  • Turn off the air conditioner system and connect a hose to the port of the system
  • Turn on the air conditioner system to be sure that it reaches a steady temperature. Let it remain in the position so that it remains stable.
  • Unscrew the suction pipe and connect the blue hose of the AC with this point  
  • Connect the yellow hose with the refrigerant and then cautiously open the knob of the cylinder for a second.
  • Ensure that all valves of AC manifold gauges are locked flawlessly.
  • Open the knob of the AC located at the downside portion. Then, start the AC to check the performance of the AC
  • The gas refill process of the AC is complete.
  • Now, take an additional sealing process to confirm that the pipelines will not emit gas from anywhere.

How to measure the AC gas level?

You can measure the gas level of an AC by a device with who pressure measuring meter. You can check the supercooling and temperature level as well as pressure level altogether. If the pressure of the gas is low, you can suspect that the gas needs to refill. There is a possibility to have a leak in the coolant device.

If you do not have the instrument to detect the pressure and the leak, you can buy Freon kits available in the market. These tools are available to know the pressure of Freon. Every household user can check the pressure of the gas. Then, they can recognise the pressure level by noticing the metrics to adhere to the pressure of the gas through the readings.   

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