Microwaves today have become a kitchen essential for every home, as they can save time and are handy for cooking or heating any type of food items. But properly using a microwave is very essential as it will keep the appliance well-maintained and longer running also. There are some common mistakes every household might make while using the appliance; here is a list of those possible mistakes and how to prevent them.

# Using Plastic Containers :

Microwave ovens  often use high heat to cook food which is very harmful for plastic containers. That’s why using plastic containers in Microwave ovens is not recommended at all; only using microwave-safe containers is essential. While buying any kind of microwave-safe container we must check its density. There are some plastic materials that are safe to use in a microwave oven, but are usually more expensive. Not all containers that are found in the market are microwave-safe unless the phrase is mentioned on the container. So it is better to use glass or microwave-safe plates and containers. These containers may cost a little more as compared to plastic ones but it’s worth spending on them, as they are safe for your health. Also, do avoid heating food with paper bags or paper wraps, as they can release toxins that could potentially catch fire and make a huge fire bomb. Moreover, try to avoid putting any metal bowls, or silver foils, or plastic containers in the microwave oven, as they can cause danger to the appliance.

# Heat the Food Properly :

While heating any leftover food the items should be heated properly, so that the food is thoroughly hot. Not letting the food heat up properly will keep the middle part cold which leads to the growth of bacteria. This food will cause food poisoning. Try to set the preset timer while heating any leftover food as it will help to heat the food in the right way in a minimum time.

# Irregular Cleaning :

Every electrical appliance requires daily cleaning high keeps it longer running. Irregular cleaning or maintenance can make your food both unhygienic and leave a bad impact on the longevity of the oven. So basic scheduled cleaning of the appliance on regular basis is a very important thing to do. Always wipe the outside, and clean the appliance in every two days or so. Leaving any old food particle to the walls of the microwave can produce harmful bacteria and will make foods sick. Also, dirt, food, and grease stuck in the microwave can hamper its productivity and may even lead to the device malfunctioning. So do keep the microwave clean and fresh.

# Cooking Food On High Temperature :

Most of the microwave companies provide three power settings in their appliances, such as– low, medium, and high. People often use the high temperature to cook food as in their view it will make the food preapred faster. Which is actually a totally wrong concept as, high heat can lead to uneven cooking or overcooking. So it’s best and recommendable to use a ‘medium’ heat setting even if it takes a bit longer to cook or reheat food. Cooking in medium heat can cook foods properly without leaving any piece raw or smelly.

# Cook Right Foods in Microwave :

Without keeping the proper knowledge about the right cooking items to put in the microwave can create a huge blunder in the kitchen. As there are many big no-nos for microwave cooking or heating lists, such as: 1. boiling a glass of water or 2. heating eggs in the microwave or 3. heating potatoes, chili peppers, frozen fruits, or hot dogs. The reason for not doing all these things is that, all these food items or cooking methods come with the risk of exploding under such high heat, as the heat is caught on the inside and makes these items explode out of their skin. For preventing any kind of damage to the microwave and injury to yourself, avoid heating these food items in a microwave.

# Microwaving in Styrofoam Boxes :

Microwaving food items which are kept in styrofoam take outs or boxes is a big NO for the appliance. As heating food items in these containers is dangerous to your health as while heated, styrofoam can leak toxins in the food that will do harm right in the body with consumed food. It is mandatory and better to take out food and place it in a microwave-safe container to heat it.

# Microwaving Uncovered Food :

Microwaving any food without any putting cover or lead can cause the appliance at the risk of splatters when it starts heating up. This action can make your microwave dirty and help in the growth of bacteria in food. Before putting any food items in the microwave, always lay a damp paper towel over the container of the food. Or put microwave-safe containers to heat food.

# Using It as a Table :

Most kitchens have limited spaces and we have to adjust our appliances within this space. But here many of us make this mistake, we make the top of the microwave a small table and put stuff on it. But it is important to keep the top of the microwave free and clean of things; as while running, the oven emits rays and transmissions that can be harmful to the objects around. For this reason, try to keep the space on top of the microwave free. Try to arrange a separate table for the microwave and put the staff at the earlier place where the microwave was.

# Keep Stirring Food while Heating :

Leaving food while cooking is not a good way to cook; it needs to be stirred from time to time. This will ensure the heat spreads to all the areas and cooks or heats the dish equally. But opening the door of the microwave too frequently can harm the cooking. So keep a look over the intervals and keep stirring as you go along.


A majority of the people using microwave ovens, often make these mistakes which are mentioned above. Though these mistakes appear as simple ones but unfortunately can bring about unpleasant consequences leading users to a huge rise in expenses. These mistakes are easier to fix, just need to follow proper guidelines. Keep these tips in mind which are mentioned above and try to use your microwave as per guidance. It will provide you better results for sure. The foods will be healthier and tastier and the oven will last for a longer time as well which will lower your expense. Also keep in touch with an experienced service person who will guide you in any small or big problems; do servicing every year.