Microwave ovens have become the most important appliances in the kitchen of almost all houses. If you look at the commercial catering services, it also has become the most essential cooking appliance to cook desired dishes. You will see some houses use only microwave ovens for cooking pizza, pasta, vegetables and many more. On the other hand, commercial eateries use this to prepare various kinds of dishes with flawless accuracy of taste and excellent cooking efficiency. But, when it breaks down, you will face unlimited disaster to your house or commercial food business outlets.

A microwave oven is a complex device that can cook your food by both dry and wet heat technology or both at a time (it varies from one model to another model). The technicians can help you to repair all issues that you face. If the oven needs spare replacement, the experts of Microwave Oven Repair Service can also do it efficiently. After troubleshooting the root of the cause they solve it.

1) The plate of the micro oven is not turning

To get cooked any food, the food plate needs to turn. Otherwise, it will not provide you with even cooking efficiency. Besides, the microwave oven can cook evenly to both sides of the cooking item placed on the plate. If the try or cooking plate does not rotate, you will see that your food has become unevenly cooked. Some parts of the food will almost be burnt, and the other part of the item will remain raw. What will you do when you face this issue?

At first, you have to check the plate whether it is placed properly on the drive motor or not. Then, look at the wide guide roller under the tray. The coupler may be cracked. Besides, you can check the drive motor status.

2) The microwave oven won’t turn on

The main concerning points you have to look at when the microwave is not turning on are-

  • Wall plug
  • Door lock switch
  • Door latch assembly
  • Thermal and ceramic fuse

These are the checkpoints when your microwave oven is not turning on or not starting its cooking activities. One or more of the above issues may be seen on a microwave cooling oven. Follow the step by step and observe where it fails. You have to replace the spare where you will find the issue.

3) The door of the oven is not closing properly

The issues might be hidden in some parts of the microwave ovens. Some of the possible reasons are mentioned here.

  • The door latch assembly is faulty
  • Torsion springs may malfunction
  • Hinges are out of order

When the door of the microwave oven is not closing or hindered half a way to close, you have to justify all the above checkpoints. However, the experts of Microwave Oven Repair Service Companies can cure all these issues by taking step by step actions. You can call them if you face difficulties.

4) The door of the microwave oven stuck firmly  

  • The door latch assembly may be faulty
  • Faults in open door tricks

It is not an uncommon issue that the door of the microwave oven is turned stuck off and it is not opting by any means. It might be the issues of the door latch assembly or the open door tricks is not working properly. Take a look at all these. However, when the door is locked, it is critical to find faults by your close lookup. Here, you should call your dedicated microwave oven repairing experts in your locality. They will solve it by opening the entire appliance and its mechanism.

5) Not heating/ no cooking

  • The door switch is not working
  • The voltage diode is faulty
  • Magnetron

When the cooking ingredients are now getting cooked even after placing it in its right place, it might be the cause for faulty door switch or voltage diode is faulty. Here is not the end of the issue. It may be the cause for the faulty magnetron, which is a dedicated electrode through which microwaves gets produced. It is a core technical issue, you have to call a technician to solve the issue.

6) Making noise in the microwave

  • Plate is misplaced
  • Magnetron issue
  • Issues in the high voltage diode
  • Cooling or heat spreading fan

    The reasons behind the noisy microwave are many. The above are some of the reasons for which your microwave might cause harsh sounds. If it stops after placing the cooking plate, you are saved. Otherwise, you have to call the technicians because other problems are purely technical. Only technical experts can solve all these issues.

    7) The touchpad is not responding

    The touchpad of a microwave oven might be two types. One is membrane touch, and the other is sensitive touch (like mobile display). If the touch sensor stops working or the membrane touch becomes faulty, you have to replace it. The control board connected to the switch may not respond.

    All these issues are core technical, and you should call the reliable technician of your locality as soon as possible to cure the issues.

    8) The exhaust fan of the microwave oven is not working

    • Dirty moving parts
    • The exhaust fan is out of order
    • Fan connecting wire torn

    These are the possible reasons for not working the microwave exhaust fans. If it happens, you have to open the oven. If the exhaust fan stops working, you should call a technician to cure the issue. Without being a microwave oven expert, you cannot do it yourself. Replace the faulty part whenever as soon as it is detected.     

    9) Microwave Light is not illuminating

    • The illuminating bulbs are faulty
    • The microwave control board is faulty

    If you notice that the microwave oven illuminating bulbs are not working or they are not in illuminating condition while running the oven. Check the condition of the illuminating bulbs and microwave oven control board.

    These are the most common issues of a microwave oven. When you face these issues with your microwave oven, you can contact the best troubleshooting technicians of your locality. You can call them for Microwave Oven Installation services as well. Why are you waiting then? Call them now.