If you are an Indian, you know the heat of the summer and how it overstresses you. The humid weather on a hot summer day demands an air conditioner round the clock. Besides, the temperature of the entire world has been increasing day by day, and it is true for India as well. So, the increasing count of AC has been installed every day in the summer season. Most of the AC go out of work during the warranty period for many reasons, and you need to call the company experts for repairing the AC. When the warranty closes, you can search on Google, “AC repair service near me”. A list of repairing companies will appear there.

AC does not get out of work only for mechanical and electrical purposes. It also gets damaged for external reasons like the infestation of household pests, rodents, and birds. All of them will be discussed later on. Now, let’s see how you can increase the life of an air conditioner with flawless performance. Regular maintenance of your AC will help you keep your temperature under control. It will keep your HVAC system last longer than average. Here are some tips that will help your AC last longer.

1 ) Open all the obstacles

There are a lot of registers or obstacles in the house that help flow air freely to the house from the AC. This will make the entire house cool easily. With the presence of registers or obstacles, the AC cannot cool the accommodation properly. Then, the AC needs to work harder to accomplish the cooling job. This will help the AC last longer. As it cools easily, the pressure on its compressor will be less.

To remove obstacles, you have to-

  • Open the entire internal doors
  • Close the external doors and windows
  • Internal blinds and curtains must be open

All of these will remove the overall obstacles of the house. If you want to increase the life of an AC of a home or corporate house, you have to remove the susceptive heat resistance from the house and increase the heat resistance to the external walls. Any leaks on the wall or window must be sealed.

2) Replace the old air filter regularly

The air filter helps filter air and its dust, dirt and flying ashes. In congested and polluted cities, the air filter gets dirty very soon. It hinders the pest entrance to the AC as well as other visible and invisible particles of the air. Hence, you have to clean the air filter frequently. However, the experts can do the needful. On the other hand, you need to replace the air filter in eight months to twelve months. However, experts suggest you replace it every month. Otherwise, the cooling capacity of an air conditioner machine reduces effectively. When the room does not get cooled as it is expected, the compressor of the machine needs to overwork it. Hence, you should replace the air filter in time to save the compressor of your AC.

3) Treat the HVAC hive regularly

Every air conditioner machine has a hive-live place from where the air comes out to the room. Through this place, the air of the room also gets sucked to get the air circulated and refreshed. So, this place does the most vital job of purifying the air and cleaning the air of the accommodation. To bring air is highly polluted, the hive-like area of the AC gets dirty, and it cannot flow pure air simultaneously. The power of AC reduces and the compressor works with extreme pressure. If you want to increase the life of an AC, you need to contact the power jet cleaning experts to clean this section of the air conditioner machine.

4) Regular maintenance helps improve the life

If you hire AC maintenance experts for checking the regular health check-up of the machine, it will increase its life. They can replace the spare which is about to damage. Timely change of spares saves other parts of the machine most. A damaged part is getting out of work, and its malfunction damages other parts as well. On the other hand, the cleaning and maintenance of all parts of the AC improve its performance that helps relax the compressor and other parts of the air conditioner machine.

5) Keep consistent temperature

If you keep the temperature of the AC consistent, it will work flawlessly and will adjust with the room and outside temperature. If you make the temperature of the AC whimsically ups and downs, the compressor of the AC will be affected. The compressor needs to adjust the command given by the user. it will surely deteriorate the life of the AC you are using.

6) Maintain the outdoor unit frequently

While using ACs, most people do not take care of the outdoor unit and forget all about it. But, you have to keep in mind that it is the outdoor fans that cool down the Freon nets to sustain the air-conditioning functionality. It emits the hot air of the room and the secondary fan gives your room desired cooling temperature. So, you should keep your eyes on the outdoor unit to keep it clean so that it works flawlessly.

7) Keep an eye on the birds and rat’s nesting

Rodents are the most notorious elements for AC units. It damages the wires and makes the living accommodation in the outdoor or indoor units. So, when it is winter or cold season when AC is not necessary for the Indian people, you should keep an eye on the rodents. On the other hand, some birds also make their nest for their safe living.  

8) Hire Qualities Company level repairing expects

When you hire company level qualitative experts for repairing your AC unit, you will get smooth work with genuine spare parts. So, your AC will work smoothly with genuine spares. Otherwise, the life of the AC will not work well with compatible spares.

These are the ways you can follow to increase the life of your AC. To avail of the best AC repair service, you can contact Leenspire Solutions Services Provider. Contact them now.