If the Air Conditioner system of your house does not work properly, you can understand it easily. You can easily identify that the AC is not performing well. Who cannot understand that something is wrong when the water of AC drench your room is a great problem for the air-conditioning system of the room? There are lots of issues with an AC set in your house or the workplace. If you know a little about the symptoms of AC breakdown and its probable reason, you can solve or avoid some simple issues. Ultimately, you will be free from sweating on hot summer days.

The most common issues that you face from an AC are mentioned here.

1) Ac Running Without Any Initial Break

Commonly, your Air-condition machine will turn off periodically after a certain period. It helps to prevent damaging the important components used in it. Besides, it helps keep in control the skyrocketing of the electric bill.

Cause: It is a very common issue if all types of AC. You may have a problem with the thermostat, air filters, electrical parts or the AC is less powerful to cool the entire accommodation.

Solution: If the area of the room is larger than the cooling capacity of the AC, it will run continuously without stopping a little bit to cool down the room. When the temperature is not getting down to its target temperature, the AC will run spontaneously. Hence, you have to keep attention to all these things. The next step is to justify the performance of the thermostat. Probably, the issue will resolve here. If the issue persists, you can contact the AC repair service in your locality.  

2) Ac Is Not Turning On

If you see one morning that your AC is not turning on its activities, you have to follow some steps to solve the issues. There are certain checkpoints to determine the issue.

Possible causes: The plug point is not connected correctly. Look at the pug-point whether there is a burning mark where you have entered the plug. A faulty thermostat may cause this issue.

Solution: After checking the pug points whether it is all right, you have to give attention to the thermostat. However, this typical job is not for you if you are not a professional AC repairing expert. You also look at the MCB of the room with which AC is connected. If MCB is down, you can make it up yourself.

3) Ac Is Not Cooling Interior

It is a common issue for all ACs. Several reasons hit the issue. If you see that no air is coming out of the ducts, you should call a technician to identify the causes. Sometimes, a little bit of air comes out, but it is not cool at all.

Cause: The air duct or the air filter of the AC may consume a lot of dirt from the air. It may become dirty and full of dark air-flowing charcoal. The blower belt may be outworn and needs replacement.

Solution: Possibly, you are not capable of solving all these issues. You can call the AC repair service expert to solve the issue. Regular system check-up is mandatory to avoid all these issues of the system.

4) Hot Air Blowing Out

You may notice that hot air comes out even the temperature is kept down on the AC machine. All the people in the room become sweaty, and perspiration comes out in the hot accommodation.

Cause: There is a possibility that the gas of the compressor is at its lower position, and the AC has lost the capacity to make the air cool.

Solution: You can contact the AC repair experts near you to replace the gas. However, they will check the status of the Gas and will do the needful.

5) Water Is Leaking/ Flowing Front Side

If the coolant of the AC leaks, it will make a coloured stain near the AC unit. You should immediately call an expert to solve the issue. Sometimes, water flowing in the room comes to notice.

Cause: There is no specific cause for it. It may happen to the AC at any time in its life.

Solution: The coolant leak needs extreme technical assistance. On the other hand, when the water flows to your room through the air splitter, you have to keep in mind that the water passing channel has been blocked somehow.

6) Ac Turns On And Off Repeatedly

It is known as short AC cycling. Instead of finishing a full cycle or cooling, it ends in its middle. Then, you will not get your room properly cooled. This issue damages the compressor fast.

Cause: This might be the cause of a faulty thermostat or the internal circuit board of the air cooling unit. The temperature sensor may detect the wrong temperature.

Solution: You have to notice whether the AC is in energy-saving mode. You should check all possible points where the wrong may happen. Call a technician as soon as possible to avoid major faults in the system.

7) The Ice Around The Coil Of The Unit


If your air work too hard for cooling your room but cannot make it cool, there is a possibility to accumulate ice chunks around the coil. The gas leak of the compressor may lead to this issue.


You have to call a technician to find out the cause. They will check whether gas leaks or not. If the error is the cause of a faulty thermostat, they will replace it. However, if they feel that the room is spacious enough and the AC unit is not sufficient for it, you have to install another AC in the room.

8) Ac Tripping Circuit Breaker Repeatedly

If the AC breaks the circuit repeatedly, you have to think about some issues. Let’s see.

Cause: The load of AC and MCB installed in the circuit is not matched. The power of MCB is less compared to the AC. You may see some issues in the circuit of the AC as well.

Solution: You have to replace the MCB and install a new one matched with the load of the air conditioner. If there is an issue with the circuit board in the AC, you have to fix it by calling expert technicians.

If you want to get a qualified AC repairing expert in your locality, you can search on the web by typing, “AC repair service near me”.  You will get the results to choose one from them. You can call us now to get the fastest and most qualified solutions!