In our previous articles, we are repeatedly telling users to keep checking on their appliances to do any kind of changes, like replacing air filters or cleaning the vents, etc. In this article, we are going to share something more, such as the things which residents should be prohibited to do in any situation with their appliances. By keeping these tips in mind, they can maintain their appliance better than before.

Most central air conditioning systems have a lifespan of only 10-15 years, and replacing them or their parts can be a very costly matter. Repairing an old AC which is not serviced properly is a matter of high maintenance and can cost much. So it is mandatory to service your Air Conditioning System in every 6 months to keep the lifespan longer.

There are many factors that could damage the air conditioner, it can be either from the components or from the external factors. So if there is any problem regarding the AC, one should consult with a good service company first. But before that, there are some points every user needs to know that can help them to make the lifespan of the air conditioner longer and save your money for a good period.

In this above article, we will discuss about the most common mistakes which are acted by users that can make harm to the appliance:

  • Loose wiring is a very dangerous thing for any electrical appliance and for an AC it even causes fire to the house. If there is any wire kept loose kindly contact an electrician or professional service person.
  • A Choked air conditioner by dirt and debris can even block the airflow and make the ac paused. For this reason it is mandatory to keep the ac clean by scheduling time with a cleaning person.
  • It is mandatory to use the AC repair Pembroke Pines, to keep the appliances fully cleaned.
  • Never use heat-generating appliances in the room where the air conditioner exists as it can increase the room temperature causing the AC to generate more pressure to keep a room cool.
  • An outdoor unit of an AC must be kept in a shadowy place to make the machine cool. Moreover, the cool air blows from outside will help the appliance to consume less pressure to cool a room.
  • Try to use AC minimally because overusing any electrical appliance can decrease the lifespan of the system. Try to switch off AC after the room gets cooler.

 # Stop Doing Expert’s Jobs:

Some problems or issues may appear in an Air Conditioner that can only be handled by an expert. So it is better to call an expert service person to take care of the matter, not to operate or examine the problem ownself.

# Opening Up An AC is Strict NO:

Some users may find it ok opening their Air Conditioning System by following a User manual but actually, it is a big no. Opening up an ac is not everyone’s job as it must be done by a professional person. As opening up any electrical appliance may cause many harms to both the appliance and the user. It is better to call an electrician or ac servicing person if there are any problems found with AC.

# Don’t Ever Try To Repair Leaks:

It is important to check your air conditioner to check any kind of leaks at least once per year. If there are leaks in the house, the unit could have problems causing a major breakdown. If you are maintaining your system properly then this does not happen. If there is any huge leak, consulting with a service person is necessary.

#Keeping an AC Working All day:

There is a little misunderstanding with people that running an AC for the whole day will consume less energy and keep the room in a good atmosphere. It is wrong. Every machine needs rest as continuously running a machine will increase the power consumption and make it less efficient to do the work. Running an AC for a whole day not only consumes much power but can increase the electricity bill lowering the longevity.

# Not Using AC at all:

On the other hand, there is another concept that people believe that using less AC or not using it without any emergency can keep it running for a longer time. This is also a wrong concept, as every machine has a minimum running time and keeping it running for that time keeps the parts active and fine. In the case of AC, users must make it run for a specific time every day so that the airflow can be normal whenever it will run for a longer time.

# Forget to Make a Maintenance Schedule:

After buying an AC it is necessary to set a maintenance schedule with a certified company having certified technicians. As only these companies can understand what potential issues to look for and conduct prompt repairs where needed.

# Not Changing the Air Filters:

Air filters in an air conditioning system are probably the most important component in terms of performance and efficiency. Air filters should be changed every 1-2 months as they get clogged with dust, pollen, or pet dander, though. Changing them is must when you live in a dry, dusty area or your home has poor air quality. Conatct with an efficient technician and schedule the maintenance procedure; it can be cleaned at home, but for better results call the service person twice a year.

Remember, treating you air conditioner well and maintaining it properly, make it last much longer. In addition to the tips listed above, users should use ceiling fans and programmable thermostats to reduce the load on your AC, and must turn it off on cooler days. Let Service Champions give your system the help it needs and contact them whenever any issue comes up; don’t handle it at home ever.