A microwave oven is one of the most usable and time-saving home appliances in our modern life. This makes our cooking technique very much easier and saves our time also. If it gets damaged or stops working properly we go after in problem. If it stops working it creates so much annoying and problematic situations. Generally, there are nine common problems we face most of the time and this article is about the problems we face mostly. Hence microwave oven is an electric appliance and it consumes high power so if you are not a well-trained person then don’t take risks, it will be better to get a trained person or call a service provider. 

Plates rotation problem – This is the most common and major problem we face with our microwave oven. Sometimes the plate which is placed in the oven suddenly stops its rotation or wouldn’t work properly. Whenever it happened then the food or drinks wouldn’t cook properly. When the plate is not rotating properly or it is stopped, that means it has a problem with its spinning assembly.To fix this problem first you need to check the microwave plate is broken or not, if it is broken then replace it. If it is not then check the roller guide which is placed under the plate, if it is damaged replace it. If the roller guide and the plate are not broken then check the drive motor. Might be the problem is in the drive motor. If the drive motor is damaged then replace it.

Touchpad not working –This is also the most common problem out of others. The best way to check is firstly you need to see the touchpad is working properly or it is damaged. If the membrane switch or touchpad is not working then replace it. If the touchpad is working then see the buttons, specifically which button is not working.If most of the buttons are damaged then replace them. Maybe this also is happened that the buttons are working, then there is a problem with the main control panel. So it would be better to buy a new microwave oven instead of replacing the control panel. Because it is too much expensive to replace the whole control panel.

Microwave making noises – If your microwave oven making some strange noises check the rotating plate is it working properly or stuck. Then check the roller guide and the coupler is it working or defective. If one of these two components is damaged then replace it. If those are in good condition next you have to check the drive motor, cooling fan, and diode one by one, If it is faulty in any one of them you need to replace it.

Microwave is not turning off – Sometimes there is a problem we face with our microwave oven that it is not turning off. In this situation firstly you need to cut off the power of your oven. Once you safely cut off your oven power supply check the door interlock and the door switch is working properly or not. If they are working properly then check the smartboard, which controls the microwave. It may be a problem with the smartboard, so you need to replace it.

Microwave is not heating – When our microwave oven gets old when it starts it may be not heating properly. To fix this problem, you need to check the door switch with the multimeter to see if it has continuity or not, and if not, replace it. Then check the diode to see if it is working correctly, followed by checking the drive motor. If one of those components is defective, then you will need to replace it, or it will be better to purchase a new microwave oven.

The microwave is not turning on – This is one of the common problems of the microwave oven when you need to turn on it. In this situation, firstly you need to check the power supply or plug in your oven properly. If there is no problem with supply power you have to check the door switch with a multimeter is it have continuity or not, if not then you need to replace it. Then close the oven door if it closed properly then the door latch is in good condition. If the door is not closing then you have to replace the door latch. If you still not finding the problem check the thermal fuse and the ceramic fuse. If they are damaged replace them

Lights not working – This is the last and easiest problem of all time. Maximum time whenever the oven inner lights are off or not working because of its broken light. Which need to be replaced. Sometimes the light is not broken but it’s not working, it’s also happened maybe the control panel is defective. It happens rarely.

Though microwave oven is a piece of electric equipment its problem occurs because of any reason. Maybe it happens for any technical reason. That’s why you need to take care of your equipment and need proper maintenance. For getting the a-class servicing LSS service provider. It is the most well-known service provider in Kolkata. If there is any type of problem regarding the home appliances LSS service provider is here to serve you the best at an affordable price. Have tension-free servicing with the LSS service provider.