After long shut off of the ACs in the winter, various issues may puzzle you when the heat of summer nibbles you. Long unused air conditioner systems can make them unusable. Even you will see the birds or rats have made their safe home in the outdoor unit. The chopping of wires and plastic pipes is common to hamper their activities. Apart from the physical damage, you can see some other deteriorations there.

If the AC is running well, for the time being, you can see some other issues there with the AC. If your AC is in warranty or the Annual Maintenance Services, you can call them instantly. If you do not have such services, what will you do?

You know almost all residential accommodations in urban areas are equipped with ACs for the high temperature of the summer. On the other hand, no corporate office can run without super cooling ACs. Some of them have duct and centralised ACs. They also break down over time. Let’s know the issues and how can you solve them. In most of their cases, only experts can solve the issues. So, you should not try DIY if you are not an expert. You can search them on Google by typing, “AC repair service near me”, and you will get relevant results to choose one from them.

Here are the most common 5-issues of ACs that everybody faces-

1 ) AC runs without any pause

All ACs pause after a certain time or after making the room cool at its target temperature set by the users. Depending on the temperature in the room, the frequency of stopping and starting happens to it. When the temperature is high, the AC runs its compressor more frequently. If the AC does not turn off, while running, the Bill of the AC will reach its top at the end of the month. Besides, when the AC gets off, it helps protect the vital components.

The issue happens to the ACs for the faulty temperature sensor or the thermostat. These components are replaceable, and your AC mechanic can do the job proficiently.

2) The power of the AC is not turning on

If AC is not getting turned on when it is essential what will you do? Simple checkpoints are known to all. The plug points are the first checkpoint. You have to notice whether the cords are unplugged. Besides, the cord may be outworn over time overuse. Rodents or cockroaches may damage the wire. So, you have to notice all these checkpoints. You also have to check the batteries of the remote controller whether they are in working condition. For replacing the wires of the AC, you should call experts. Batteries of AC remote is a trivial job that you can do easily.

NB: It can also happen if the parts of the indoor unit go out of work.

3) Fan Mode is working- but no cooling

If you notice that the AC is running on its fan mode, and the room is not cool, you can justify it from some angles.

At first, you have to check whether the remote of the AC is working well. If the button of the AC is not working well, your AC will not shift from fan mode to cooling mode.

The compressor of the AC is out of work and has lost its cooling power

The Freon is not available in the compressor as there is a leak in its flowing channels

The outdoor unit is not working or damaged for some reason

There is an issue with its thermostat or temperature sensor

If you want a solution to the problem, you have to target each of the above issues one by one. Once an issue is found, don’t forget to check the other probably concerning points. The issue might be hidden in one or two corners of all these sections. The technicians can solve the issues from the root. They not only solve the problems but also checks other possible issues and suggest repairing or replacing spares, which gives your AC a longer life.

4) Hot Air Blows Out

There are some situations when the hot air blows out instead of cool air. Even the air coming out is not at room temperature. What might be the probable reasons for it?

It can cause for activating the reverse mode of your HVAC system. In the reverse mode, instead of cool air emitting, it blows out the hot air. You have to notice it at the very beginning before calling an expert.

If your compressor is overheated, it may get turned off. Then, the AC blows out hot air directly taken from the outside.

The air filters of the indoor system may be dirty. A dirty air filter blocks cool air, and you will not get cool air in the room.

If you see that your AC is blowing out the hot air in the room, check the above points. Among all of them, you can replace the air filter by yourself. All other issues need technical support. Call an expert having experience in repairing ACs of all types.

5) Water drops on the floor

There is a lot of time when you will see that water drops on the floor from the AC. Water drips along the wall dropping from the swinging blade. It is because some ice has been accumulated in the indoor unit. It melts and drops through the swinging blade.

Besides, the drainage pipe may get blocked by any unwanted body passing through the AC. It may get blocked for termites, bees, flies and other pests in the room. If it gets blocked, you have to clean it. Don’t try yourself if you do not have technical experience. Call an expert to clean the drainage pipe or solve any issue related to your AC. 

There are a lot of issues for which you may have the requirement of calling an expert of AC repair service. While choosing, you must justify their quality through some universal parameters. However, you can call, Leenspire Solution Services Provider, the most renowned AC troubleshooting company in your locality.